Residents of Harker Heights cleaned house and set up displays at their homes for their items at the 7th Annual Community Garage Sale from sunrise until sunset Saturday.

Residents all over the city sold items such as furniture, clothes, electronics, home décor and toys.

Zawanda Washington, who lives on Mockingbird Lane, has participated in the garage sale for the past three years and appreciates the cause.

“I love meeting new neighbors and catching up with the ones I haven’t seen in a long time,” she said. “Because we have such a huge selection here, I think that people are really enjoying going through the different variety of things that are here.”

Jeanette Free and her daughter Clarice have ran regular garage sales for about five years. Clarice sold a pair of elephant skin boots that caught many eyes.

“It’s nice to get everyone out, meet new people and find out what they are interested in,” she said.

This was Maria Garcia’s first year shopping the Community Garage Sale.

“You find really good, really inexpensive stuff,” she said. “Wherever there’s a yard sale, I stop!”

Heather Buller, Activities Coordinator for the Harker Heights Parks & Recreation, said she appreciates the community coming together for a neighborly cause.

“What I look most forward to with this event is providing an opportunity for the community to make the most out of their garage sales and bringing the community together,” she said. “We are hoping next year will bring out bigger numbers. Last year we had 203 citizens participate compared to this year’s 97. We hope citizens see the benefit in participating.”

Birdee Green shopped at 1804 Mountainview Court and struck gold with cherished Thomas Kincaid puzzles.

“I like to drive on and if I see something that looks interesting, I’ll stop and check it out,” she said. “I love to just go and explore because it’s like an adventure for me with the bargains and the treasures.”

Green said she loves yard sales and holds them regularly, though this was her first year attending in Harker Heights.

The garage sale was held at 97 active locations this year, about nine fewer than last year’s event.

The 8thAnnual Community Garage Sale will be held on Oct. 6, 2018.

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