Kama Rangel, 9, and 17 other Brownies and Daisies from Girl Scout Troop 6170 earned their green thumbs planting trees at Goode-Connell Park for Arbor Day on Saturday.

For Rangel, the project was part of her personal effort to make the world a better place.

“We have learned that the world can change with just a little seed,” she said. “Planting trees is a big part of our lives or else we wouldn’t be living here.”

The girls, ages 5 to 9, got involved with the Arbor Day activity when they needed to complete a community service project for their Brownie Quest, said Rachel Dawson, troop leader.

“(Brownie Quest) is a journey they go through where they learn about family and the community,” she said. “We decided to make a list of community projects and tree planting got the most votes.”

The Harker Heights Parks and Recreation Department hosted the Arbor Day event.

“This is our first time doing a huge Arbor Day tree planting,” said Heather Cox, activities coordinator. “In years past, we would just give out seedlings to residents to plant in their own backyards.”

More than 50 volunteers, including the Girl Scouts, city staff and youths from the Bell County Juvenile Detention Center pitched in to plant 10 Texas Ash trees and a Bradford pear.

“They are native to the state and they will do well in the soil,” Cox said. “It beautifies our area, keeps us safe and brings shade so we should really try to preserve them.”

Norris Lockett Jr., Heights equipment operator, said he enjoyed digging up the dirt and putting the trees in the ground as a way of sprucing up the park.

“It helps the community as it’s always good to plant a tree,” he said. “We took down a lot of trees building the park, so now it’s time to give back.”

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