Vehicles travel along FM 2410 Monday in Harker Heights. Construction to widen 1.5 miles of existing roadway on 2410 will be begin on January 9. FM 2410 will have four lanes, from Roy Reynolds Drive in Killeen to Commerical Drive in Harker Heighs, after the construction is complete. The three-year project, designed to increase safety, will cost $6.8 million.

Eric J. Shelton | Herald

Work on the expansion of a 1.5-mile portion of Farm-to-Market 2410 between Killeen and Harker Heights will begin Monday, Texas Department of Transportation officials announced this week.

The segment will be expanded from two to four lanes.

“The project, designed to increase safety along FM 2410, will widen approximately 1.5 miles of the existing roadway from two-lane to a four-lane facility with continuous left-turn lane, from Roy Reynolds Drive in Killeen to Commercial Drive in Harker Heights,” according to a Monday news release from TxDOT.

The $6.8 million project will also include the construction of sound barriers between Highland Oaks and Harley Drive in Harker Heights, according to TxDOT.

TxDOT spokesman Ken Roberts said the project is slated to last more than three years. “It’s possible it could be done before that,” Roberts said Monday.

He said “spring of 2019” was the estimated completion date from the contractor, Gatesville-based TTG Utilities LP.

Crews will begin placing signs and barricades along the construction route on Monday.

In explaining the three-year time frame for the roadwork, Roberts said the project includes a number “of aspects that support what appears to be an inordinate amount of time.”

One example: A portion of FM 2410 — from Roy Reynolds to Ann Boulevard — will have to be “completely rebuilt in order to accommodate cross-streets, sidewalks and driveways along the route,” Roberts said.

Sidewalks will be built on both sides of the roadway, the entire length of the project along with two sound barriers, which Roberts later described as “soundwalls.”

“One soundwall will be along the north side (westbound side) of FM 2410 from Roy Reynolds Drive to Highland Oaks Drive, 940 feet in length and 10 feet tall,” Roberts said in an email to the Herald. “The other soundwall will be constructed along the north side (westbound side) of FM 2410 from Redwood Circle to Redwood Drive, 400 feet in length and 11 feet tall.”

During the course of the project, motorists can expect detours “in order to ensure the continuous flow of traffic and that access to cross streets and driveways is maintained,” Roberts said. Additionally, an upgraded storm-drain system will be built in conjunction with the other upgrades.

“As I indicated, it is possible that this work will be completed earlier but the complexity and number of items involved require some additional flexibility be included in the planning and execution process,” Roberts told the Herald.

Construction crews will also install “safety-end-treatments” to culvert ends at cross drainage locations under the roadway and adjoining private driveways.

TxDOT advises residents and the traveling public to expect temporary lane closings, delays and some congestion between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. daily, within the work zone, for the duration of the project.

“Please observe all warning signs and exercise caution when passing near construction personnel and equipment in the project area,” according to the release.

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