The Harker Heights Community Park was bustling with about 100 residents on Saturday evening, eager to sample the latest artisan crafts, innovations, and treats, as part of this year’s annual Unglued Craft Market.

The festival was held from 6 to p.m. and featured 15 unique vendors.

Orlando Gunn, new owner of Shakey’s 3-in-1 Sauce, took over after the passing of his grandfather a month ago and hopes to continue his legacy. Shakey’s sauce is prepared as a hot sauce, barbecue sauce, and marinade.

“We want to show people here that there are young entrepreneurs and small businesses here” said Gunn. “It’s local, it’s real, it’s Texas-made. There’s a lot of creativity at this event; we’re out here to show you something different and support our community.”

The Shakey’s recipe has been passed down in Gunn’s family for over 100 years and originated in Georgia. It debuted two years ago and has locations at the Tears of Joy Sauce Shop at 618 E. Sixth St. in Austin, the Strawberry Patch at 171 S. Main St. in Salado, along with many markets in Harker Heights, Gunn’s hometown.

The sauce comes in four flavors: Classic, Sweet, Ghost Heat, and, for the pepperheads, Reaper. For more information on the Shakey’s story and how you can get some, visit

Bill Henke of G-Pa’s Workshop takes pride in crafting handmade wood and antler crafts for every occasion, ranging from pens and pencils made from bullets, wood, and antlers, bullet casting bolo ties, and antler hat racks.

“We love the people; we’ve been doing this for three years and it’s always great to see everyone,” Henke said.

For more information on G-Pa’s Workshop, contact Bill at or call 254-690-1828.

Amazon Muldrow Roberts, baker and owner of It’s All About the Bake, prepared a variety of fresh desserts made with organic, locally sourced ingredients.

“My favorite part of all this is watch people eat my food, not talking, just going mmmm ...” Roberts said. “That’s what I do here, feed body and spirit. I don’t think you can do good food if you don’t touch people somewhere besides their belly.”

Roberts has been baking since she was 7 years old, and her most popular items are the sweet potato pie and coconut pound cake.

For more information about It’s All About the Bake’s sweet treats, call (254) 338-2080 or email

Loretta Harvey and her daughter Emma, 1, arrived in Harker Heights a year ago and were eager to give the event a visit.

“I like all the local vendors,” Harvey said. “We just moved to Harker Heights and wanted to check it out. We just picked up some wax melts for our Scentsy at home and they smell lovely. This event is just great and the people are so nice.”

Ayren Roldan, a craftsperson herself, enjoys knitting and crocheting and was excited to see what fascinating finds were waiting at Unglued.

“I like how the event is organized,” she said. “It’s nice, there’s something for everyone here, it’s a nice outing for the people of the community.”

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The enjoyable outing for the Community people!
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