Five Below, a national chain “five-and-dime store for the iPhone generation,” will open to customers next month in Market Heights, said Elizabeth Romaine, director of marketing operations.

One of 18 Five Belows set to open in Texas this year, the 8,000-square-foot store will open Aug. 2, the same day as three Austin stores, marking the chain’s entrance to the Texas market, Romaine said. Located between Ross and Dick’s Sporting Goods, Five Below will be the only one in Bell County.

Five Below signed a 10-year lease with Direct Development, Market Heights’ development company, said Managing Principal David Watson. While he declined to specify Five Below’s rental rate, he said space in Market Heights generally leases for about $25 a square foot.

Everything in the store sells for $1 to $5, and is aimed at teens and pre-teens, Romaine said.

Killeen resident Autumn Conley shopped at Market Heights on Monday and peered into the unfamiliar store.

“I was like, ‘What is that?’ We’ll come by and check it out,” Conley said.

Killeen resident Christina Frieberg spends 70 percent of her shopping time in Market Heights, but the store didn’t pique her interest as she walked past, she said.

“That’s not us,” Frieberg said. “When we (shop for gadgets), we shop online.”

Managers of adjacent and similar businesses are welcoming Five Below.

Dick’s also caters to middle- and high school-aged kids, said assistant manager James Key.

“It’ll be good for traffic,” he said. “The more businesses that we get in the shopping center, the better.”

Namir Gray, manager of Family Dollar at 660 Farm-to-Market 2410, said he supports Five Below’s addition to the market, because it might convince shoppers they can find good values in smaller stores.

“They might go to Five Below because it’s in Market Heights plaza, but they might live closer to a Family Dollar,” Gray said. “When they realize they don’t have to go to a bigger store to get a good value, and don’t have to stand in line, they’ll just come to us.”

Five Below has hired a general manager and some assistants, but is accepting online applications for 35 positions and will host a job fair from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. July 9-16.

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