As visitors make their way through the Harker Heights Farmers Market on Saturday mornings, they will find Cha Waner Tucker and Freddie Tucker selling handcrafted and scented soaps, bath salts, teas, creams and organic vegetables.

“I have farmed as a hobby since being retired from the military 20 years ago,” Freddie said. His family has owned a farm outside Waco since the mid-1800s.

After Abraham Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation, Freddie’s ancestors moved west from Alabama, Waner Tucker said. The Tuckers’ land, known as Tucker Bottom in a town of four families, continues to be a source of profit.

“We had an order for 40 pounds of okra today,” Waner Tucker said. “Whenever someone orders online, Freddie delivers it to them.”

Harker Heights resident and regular customer Dilcia White arrived too late to buy handmade soap, as the Tuckers were all sold out.

“I know about her products from my 10-year-old son,” White said. “He fell in love with their chocolate banana soap. It feels so good on the skin and there are no harsh chemicals in them.”

Killeen resident Robin Starkey bought peas from the Tuckers.

“I’m better known as The Garden Starter,” Starkey said. “Whenever someone wants to start a garden, I till the ground for them. It’s a hobby I do when I’m not working.”

The Tuckers work as a team, coordinating their weekend schedules since Waner Tucker works in San Antonio.

“I call Freddie with the orders and he gets on the tractor to harvest the customer’s request,” she said.

For more information about the Tuckers’ products, call (254) 833-0411 or go to

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