Aya Fubara Eneli holds a gavel that belongs to Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock.

AUSTIN — Seventeen members of the Harker Heights Chamber of Commerce Vision XXI leadership class rolled into Austin on April 4 to witness the Legislature at work at the State Capitol.

From the gallery in the House of Representatives, the group watched as lawmakers prepared to vote on their version of the state budget. It was the first time many had toured the Capitol.

“I was getting to see the real deal for the first time and how the process works,” Laura Collier said. “There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes.”

Senator Troy Frasier of District 24, which includes Bell County, visited with the class on his way to a committee meeting. He serves as chairman of the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and was working to pass a bill on the state’s water infrastructure.

Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock also spoke to the class. He said the Vision XXI participants picked a perfect day to visit the capitol because of the budget vote in the House of Representatives. After a question and answer session, the class toured Aycock’s office and met his staff.

“I was impressed with Rep. Aycock being so accessible and taking the time to visit with us during an extremely busy time,” said Maj. Adam Weece, public affairs officer with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment at Fort Hood.

Steve Shine said Aycock and Frasier are definitely the right ones for their jobs, adding, “I’m glad to not be in their position.”

The next Vision XXI field trip is May 2.

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