NOLANVILLE — Bell County Water District No. 3 approved an additional $40,000 to ensure half of the city’s water doesn’t get shut off.

In February, Avenue H construction came into conflict with the main water line going along the street, said Trae Sutton, consulting engineer with both the city and the water district, and realized around 100 homes would be without water if they shut off the line.

Sutton said there is no way to isolate the main line without isolating the western side of the city because there are some broken valves.

Valves allow sections of pipe to be shut off for construction, he said. Subsequently, the water is redirected to the rest of the city through other pipes.

The main 8-inch line in question runs from the highway along Eighth Street where it splits off in two directions near Avenue H. The original valve in place hasn’t worked “for a very long time,” Sutton said. A number of other missing or broken valves are along the line as it continues west as well, mainly around Fourth Street and Avenue H.

“One of the other things that (contractors) are looking at is down here at 10th Street, we have a 6-inch line that’s running ... and apparently there’s another line running behind it ... and nobody knows where it goes,” he said. “We need to figure out if one of the lines can be abandoned.”

Sutton said lost lines are somewhat typical in smaller cities because usually only one person knows where everything is located.

Workers renovating the area along Avenue H discovered another water line and some more valves they previously did not know existed, he said.

The water district does not have any documents indicating the layout of its water and wastewater pipelines, he said.

“If we’re going to have the lines open, do it now,” said Rick Williams, water district board member.

Contractors will begin replacing valves in the upcoming weeks. They also will be rerouting some lines near Cimarron Park Estates to better improve water and wastewater pipe reliability and efficiency. | 254-501-7559

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