NOLANVILLE — Sidewalk installation took another leap forward in mid-February when Bell County Water District No. 3 officials approved blueprint layouts. Board members approved “Plan A” in a 3-2 vote.

“The main problem is we have little lots that were built in the very beginning and now we are trying to retrofit them the best we can,” said Stephen Pearl, city manager.

After calling a special session to physically walk board members through the proposed layouts, consulting engineer Trae Sutton presented officials with two options.

The first option, “Plan A,” is designed for the sidewalk to run directly in front of the water district’s building. The parking lot would lie directly off Main Street, and a smaller driveway would sit behind the building slightly off Avenue H. The plan also puts a handicapped accessible ramp in the center of the building.

“The disadvantage if you go with B, is because you eliminate the middle ramp,” Sutton said.

“Plan B” would place the sidewalk closer to the Main Street and allow parking directly up to the building. The handicapped ramp would move to the left side and a small driveway would sit directly behind the building, off of Avenue H.

“Plan A” has two access points for handicapped residents in the middle and on the sides. Both plans add an extra parking space to the existing lot.

“One of the side benefits that you might not like with ‘Plan B,’ you’re going to get a lot of people running up into the building because they have no room to stop,” said Michael Lackmeyer, attorney for the water district.

Officials are in the process of demolishing 104 W. Avenue I to expand the parking lot.

“This is the building that we bought directly behind us for the lot,” said Rick Williams, water district board member.

Owen Paul, a Nolanville resident, stepped forward and is willing to knock down and clean the building free of charge.

“He had not given a price, his price is gratis. He said he would do it for something we could afford,” Williams said.

Officials have not set a date for the demolition. | 254-501-7559

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