Heights gets water tower

A 150,000-gallon water tower is starting to take shape above the ridge behind the Evergreen Estates subdivision off Farm-to-Market 2410.

A 150,000-gallon water tower is now visible on the ridge behind the Evergreen Estates subdivision off Farm-to-Market 2410.

The water tower will serve the upper elevations of the city, including Evergreen, The Ridge subdivision and adjacent undeveloped ridges, said Mark Hyde, public works director.

The existing water pump station on Comanche Gap Road that serves the Ridge subdivision will pump into the new 150,000-gallon elevated tank.

Hyde said instead of having Evergreen Developers install a stand-alone mini pump station with a small water standpipe for water storage, the city entered into a development agreement with Evergreen Developers and took the funds for the mini water system and allocated them into building a single, larger 150,000-gallon elevated storage tank and 12-inch cross country connecting water line.

Hyde said the idea is to have one regional water pump station and elevated storage tank for the upper elevations instead of having four mini-water systems, each serving one subdivision.

“Operation, maintenance and personnel costs are less for one regional water system versus four mini water systems,” he said.

The city’s portion of the development agreement, which included the actual tank and water line oversizing, was $921,787.40 and the developer, $629.990.10.

Under the scope of the project, Evergreen Developers ran a 12-inch waterline from the water pump station located on Comanche Gap Road next to Dana Peak Park and connected it to the elevated tank.

Last fall, the engineering design was completed. The project is on a 20-month timeline for completion.

“This project better serves the current subdivision at The Ridge and future developments,” Hyde said.

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