NOLANVILLE — For the first time since July, the City Council is fully staffed and has wasted no time putting its newest members to work.

Sherri Morales, who ran as the unopposed incumbent for place 2, and David Brackmann, who was elected to place 5, took their seats at the council meeting Thursday after being sworn in by Crystal Briggs, the city’s new secretary.

The first order of business on the council’s agenda was to discuss whether or not to appoint Ernesto Servan to place 4.

“He’s been in the audience regularly before the election and after the election and that shows good city participation,” said Councilman Dennis Biggs. “I recommend we appoint him to serve with us.”

The council unanimously voted to appoint Servan to the seat vacated by Duane G. Hampton until the next election in 2014.

Raising his right hand, Servan was sworn in and took his seat next to Brackmann.

“I didn’t feel slighted that I didn’t win the election,” Servan said. “I was just really honored that the council even considered appointing me to serve with them.”

Servan said he is looking forward to working with the other council members to make a difference for future generations.

“Serving on the council is going to be a learning experience for me,” he said. “But I’m comfortable making decisions because that’s what I do every day as a manager at Cleo Bay Subaru in Killeen.”

With one council meeting under his belt, Brackmann said he looks forward to working with his fellow council members to better serve Nolanville citizens.

“We have a good balance of people on the council and although we won’t always agree on everything, I’m confident we can work together as a team,” he said.

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