• January 21, 2017


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When is 'right' time to move on from pet's death?

When is the appropriate time to move on from a pet’s death? Is there ever a “right” time?
Another new year isn't so exciting after six decades

Don’t look now, but here comes another new year.

My new iPhone's great, but Siri is a rather odd gal

Santa came a little early this year.

Single life is not for me -- even on a temporary basis

I’ve gotten a taste of living the single life again this week, and I have to say I’m not terribly fond of it.

It's early yet, but I'm thinking about retirement

I’ve been thinking a lot about retirement lately.

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Water safety key when weather is predictable -- and unpredictable

While in college, I had a roommate from St. Louis who described Texas weather as “not able to make up its mind,” or capricious.

Ciizens Police Academy was an experience

About five years ago, I had a friend who raved about her participation in the Jacksonville, Texas, Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy.

Traffic laws should be driving force for motorists

Last week I noticed a photo circulating on my social media feed of Mount Enterprise High School’s baseball team, coaches and school bus pulled over to the side of the road during a Shelby County constable’s funeral procession.

We need to take proactive stance against bullying

During middle school I became the target. Frizzy hair, braces and glasses that took up half my face — before thinner black-rimmed frames became cool — were all part of who I was.

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