It’s always unfortunate when a longtime local eating establishment closes its doors, but I was particularly sad to see Las Casas in Temple close down over the weekend.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to find out I had a life-threatening illness — and the treatment of that illness would force me to put my life on hold for a year or more.

I’ve always known this community has its share of people who lack driving skills. I’m starting to realize it’s got quite a few people who lack character as well.

I don’t know whether it’s the Texas Department of Transportation as a whole, or it’s just a few folks farther down the totem pole, but those people really need to learn how to plan.

When I returned to the United States after spending 18 out of 24 months overseas with the Army, I vowed to set down roots. And this past week I dug those roots right back up after deciding to move once again.

When I was 14 years old, I volunteered (with some generous prodding from my mother, Kathy) for two days a week in the middle of the molten-hot Houston summer to clean out bird exhibits at the Houston Zoo.

In our nearly seven years as homeowners, my wife and I have had to deal with a lot of problems — broken garage doors, rodents in the attic, a hail-damaged roof and a stuck front door, to name a few.

Last week I noticed a photo circulating on my social media feed of Mount Enterprise High School’s baseball team, coaches and school bus pulled over to the side of the road during a Shelby County constable’s funeral procession.