The start of a new year is typically time to make resolutions.

Problem is, I’ve never been very good about keeping them, so I’ve decided not to make any this year.

To be honest, this is my 60th new year (though I don’t remember the first several), and in all that time, I’ve stuck to maybe a half-dozen resolutions.

In fact, I made one of those successful resolutions — to cut out almost all soft drinks — last January, and I was able to stick to it pretty well. So I’m proud of that.

When you start getting up there in age, those health-related resolutions start taking on a little more urgency.

So with that in mind, I will try to eat better, exercise more, spend less time watching TV and overall, have a more positive mindset on  a daily basis.

Still, let me be clear: I said “I’ll try” to meet these goals, so these don’t really count as resolutions. They’re more like self-suggestions. If I view them that way, it doesn’t feel quite so bad when I come up short.

However, I would like to start off the new year with a wish list of things I’d like to see happen over the next 12 months — though I don’t hold out much hope for most of them.

OK, here goes.

I’d like to see the seemingly never-ending road construction finished on U.S. Highway 190. That’s right — no more lane switches, no more concrete barriers, no more orange cones. Let’s get that puppy done, OK?

I’d like to turn on my TV and be able to find something decent to watch out on the 500-plus cable channels my wife and I are paying good money for.

Speaking of which, I’d like to see the Kardashians go off the air — all of them. Hey, it happened with Honey Boo-Boo. I can dream.

Next, I’d like to see a Hallmark TV movie in which the female lead — often a young, engaged businesswoman — doesn’t fall for the hunky stranger she happens to meet days before her wedding, leaving her fiance in the dust.

Yes, I watched a few too many of these flicks over the Christmas holiday. Don’t judge.

For once, I’d like to get a call on my home phone that isn’t trying to sell me something, get me to vote for someone or collect money from someone who doesn’t live at our house.

I’d like to go out to eat and not have the server ask me and my wife if “you GUYS” are ready to order.

I’d like to hear professional speakers show they know the difference between “who” and “that.”

I’d like to go a year without hearing someone start a sentence with the word “me.” I doubt I’ll make it through January on that one.

I’d like to see the Geico gecko retired. That annoying little guy needs to slither off into the sunset.

I’d like to see a TV ad for a prescription medicine where the list of potentially fatal side-effects is shorter than the list of the drug’s benefits.

I’d absolutely love to make it through 2016 without having to shell out big bucks for house repairs, car repairs or medical bills.

I’d like to see gas prices stay below $2 a gallon for the entire year. How great would that be?

I’d like to see a presidential election in which I feel confident voting for either candidate.

I’d like to see my two favorite baseball teams — the Texas Rangers and Chicago Cubs — play each other in the World Series.

Granted, this is a pretty long wish list, and I know most of them will not come true.

In retrospect, most of what I’m asking for is frivolous and inconsequential. Granted, I put some of them on the list in an attempt to be humorous.

But honestly, what I’d really like to see is a year that is prosperous and positive for our community — that all of its residents may be blessed, loved and fulfilled.

Who could wish for more than that?

Dave Miller is deputy managing editor of the Killeen Daily Herald. Contact him at or 254-501-7543.

Contact Dave Miller at or (254) 501-7543

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