Our backyard is starting to look like a meadow — and not a very pretty one at that.

It’s not just all the recent rain we’ve been having that has turned the lawn into a scraggly mess.

It’s also the fact that it hasn’t been mowed since around Easter.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how the heck we let it go for that long.

Well, we didn’t mean to.

It all started back in March when our regular lawn guy just quit coming by. We texted him several times, called him and left a message.

No response.

Between his not getting back to us and the several periods of rain we’ve had recently, our lawn got bushy and scraggly fast.

So about a week ago, my wife and I decided we were done with him and started looking into finding another lawn service to do the job.

Out of curiosity — and desperation — I asked one of our Heights Herald writers if anyone took care of his lawn, and if so, could I get the name?

My friend called his lawn guy’s wife and told her I was interested in hiring her husband. She told my friend she’d contact me to set it up, but never did.

So now it was time for Plan C — which meant responding to a flier that someone left at our house offering to cut the grass.

I called the number on the flier and a woman told me they’d be out the next day, which was a Sunday.

We rushed home from church and a quick lunch to meet them, since they said they’d be there around 2.

Before we knew it, it was 3 and still no lawn folks. Four o’clock came and went. So did 5 o’clock. Finally, close to 6:30, a guy called up and said he just found out about the lawn job and was on his way over. A full hour later, the guy came by, but it’s too late to start mowing, so he just looked the yard over and said he’d be back on Monday morning to take care of it.

So now, the whole weekend had gone by, and our lawn was still long and shaggy.

The guy pulled up Monday morning, just as I was ready to head to work and started gassing up his mower — which looked pretty small to handle the tall grass we had.

He got the front yard mowed OK, but because it had rained on Sunday night, he would have to wait to mow the back, because it was too wet.

After three blissfully rain-free days, the lawn team — all family members — returned on Friday to finish the yard.

Or not.

They showed up so late in the day that they could only get an eight-foot swath around our back patio mowed before it got too dark. They promised they’d come back on Saturday morning.

To make a long story somewhat shorter, the folks never showed up on Saturday, even though my wife and I waited all day for them. We also texted them and left voicemails.

No response. “Crickets” — of which I’m sure we had plenty in all that tall grass.

By now, my wife and I were livid, especially since I paid these folks up front, like an idiot.

Thankfully, friends down the street had given us the number of their yard guy. Unlike us, their lawn was pristine.

I called him and he agreed to come out and finish the job this week.

Of course, that’s before we got 3 inches of rain, so now we have to wait for things to dry out — again.

When that will be is pretty hard to say. But let’s hope it’s soon, before the yard ordinance folks start hanging nasty notes on our front door.

Anyway, if you’re driving through Harker Heights in the next few days and see a guy standing in his front yard yanking up dandelions by the fist-full and using hedge trimmers on the tall weeds, it’s probably me.

Please just avert your eyes and keep on driving.

Dave Miller is deputy managing editor/opinion of the Killeen Daily Herald and editor of the Harker Heights Herald. Contact him at dmiller@kdhnews.com or 254-501-7543.

Contact Dave Miller at dmiller@kdhnews.com or (254) 501-7543

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