Procrastination is my middle name. It’s not really, but it should be. I fully enjoy putting off today what I can surely do tomorrow.

I always get my tasks done, so the only one who really suffers from my procrastination is me. It’s an ugly circle, but hey, it works.

As I write this, we have five full shopping days left until Christmas. Have I started my shopping? No. In my defense, I have to say I’ve been crazy busy at work. And because my work day starts at 10:30 in the morning and doesn’t end until 7 p.m. or later, I don’t have a lot of off time to hit the stores.

Mornings before work, I’m just too lazy to get up and out of the house early. And anyway, I cherish my morning time. I’m not a morning person at all, never have been and never will be, so I really enjoy not having to be to work at the crack of dawn (which to me is anytime before 9 a.m.)

I can take my time and do all the important things I need to do to prepare for the day, such as drinking coffee, wrestling the dogs, talking to the cats, playing Candy Crush, checking Facebook 15 times, singing karaoke and using a hand mirror to examine my backside for shrinkage or growth.

Somewhere in there I also shower, do my hair, put on my makeup and go through three or four wardrobe changes. It’s a miracle, but most days I manage to arrive at the office right on time: 10 minutes late, as is my usual.

Last Saturday, 11 shopping days before Christmas, my husband and I did “together” things to celebrate our second anniversary. We drove to Austin and scrounged around our favorite vintage and antique stores, partook of some great food and Bloody Marys at Lucy’s Fried Chicken, and later stopped for dessert at Monument Café in Georgetown. The day was dedicated to us and us alone. We had no intention of doing any Christmas shopping, so we didn’t.

I planned to hit the stores on Sunday, but Saturday evening the way-too-spicy chili I had eaten earlier began to wreak havoc on my stomach. I was sick through the night and all the next day, so I was in no mood for fighting shopping crowds at the mall. On Monday morning, I started the work cycle all over again with no time or energy for gift gathering.

As you can see, I’ve turned procrastination into an art. Most of the time I am entirely responsible for putting things off, but sometimes outside forces (like anniversaries and evil chili) are to blame.

Now we are down to the last weekend before Christmas and have only purchased two presents — for my mother and mother-in-law. I’m sure we’ll get it all done eventually. We don’t expect to see any of our family on Christmas Day, because our family party is set to take place the following Saturday.

So that buys us two extra shopping days. And lucky for us, we’ll get to take advantage of the after-Christmas sales. By that time we’ll know what Santa brought the grandchildren, so we won’t run the risk of buying toys they already discovered under their Christmas trees and are probably already bored with. So, sometimes procrastination does pay off.

Merry Christmas! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday full of love and laughter. I’d wish you a Happy New Year, too, but I have plenty of time to do that later.

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