• February 23, 2017

Rachael Riley

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Water safety key when weather is predictable -- and unpredictable

While in college, I had a roommate from St. Louis who described Texas weather as “not able to make up its mind,” or capricious.

Ciizens Police Academy was an experience

About five years ago, I had a friend who raved about her participation in the Jacksonville, Texas, Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy.

Traffic laws should be driving force for motorists

Last week I noticed a photo circulating on my social media feed of Mount Enterprise High School’s baseball team, coaches and school bus pulled over to the side of the road during a Shelby County constable’s funeral procession.

We need to take proactive stance against bullying

During middle school I became the target. Frizzy hair, braces and glasses that took up half my face — before thinner black-rimmed frames became cool — were all part of who I was.

Selfless helpers in time of need deserve thanks

About nine years ago, smoldering ashes and concrete was all that remained of the home I spent 15 years of my life residing in.

Resolving to keep a resolution for better health

Shortly after the new year, a friend asked me if I had set any resolutions.

Headlines citing 'Judge Judy' poll truly an injustice

For those who are technologically savvy, log into social media websites or use online search engines, Tuesday’s trending topic was that college graduates thought television’s “Judge Judy” is a Supreme Court justice.

It's a new year -- which means new vocabulary

According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, etymology is the “the history of a word,” or “explanation where a word came from.”

Legacy of service continues, even in grief

For countless 24-hour shifts last year, members of the Harker Heights Fire Department bonded with firefighter and paramedic Joel Lytle.

Oh, deer: On the hunt for support of open season

Bell County’s general open hunting season for white-tailed deer continues until Jan. 3.

Listening to veterans is key to giving thanks

For the second time in my life, I locked my keys in my car Tuesday.

The media got it all wrong on ESPY speeches

If I said the name Danielle Green, I wonder how many would recognize it.