I have had a love-hate relationship with furniture ever since I was a kid. It all began when I started inheriting random pieces of furniture. If someone in the family had a piece of furniture they were getting rid of, my parents always took it and placed it in my room of all places. At one point in time, I had three dressers, a desk and a large bookshelf/hutch in my bedroom that, of course, did not match.

Since none of my furniture ever matched as a kid, as an adult it became a major linchpin of mine.

My torrid love affair with furniture hit its first major turning point when I got to pick out furniture for my first house as a wife. I walked around the furniture store with stars in my eyes because I was finally getting to pick out exactly what I wanted. I picked out a bedroom set and a living room set and couldn’t wait to accept delivery.

When the delivery truck pulled up my parents’ driveway and the first piece was unloaded, my heart skipped a beat. Then the first part of the couch came off the truck. So far so good. Then the second piece came off. Scratching my head, I noticed the color was wrong and immediately thought they had grabbed the wrong couch by mistake. I got on the phone with the furniture company.

The short end of it was the salesperson lied to me about being able to get the custom color I wanted in the timeline I provided. When they told me to just come in and reselect, I flipped a lid. I planned everything around when I was getting married and when the military was going to come pack me up and move my stuff across the country and an ocean.

The day I accepted delivery was the day I was leaving to pick up my husband from the airport because our respective bachelor parties were that Friday, our rehearsal dinner was that Saturday, our nuptials were on Sunday and the Army was coming to pack us up on Tuesday.

When would I have time to reselect? On Monday? Oh wait, they don’t deliver on Mondays. The whole point of buying furniture while I was still living “on the mainland” was to avoid the outrageous prices in Hawaii. To make another long story short, when we arrived in Hawaii, we had to fork over $1,600 for a couch that would have only cost us about half that much in Connecticut.

To complete our living room, we needed a coffee table. After weeks of searching, we finally found one at some random discount store. We should have seen it coming. It took almost a month for the thing to come in because they don’t stock things in Hawaii. When it did come in, it was beyond broken. After bringing it back, we had to reselect another piece and wait almost an entire month for the replacement to come in.

All was well and good in the Lynch furniture department until our beloved couch got broken during our move to Texas. We looked around locally and didn’t find anything. We made the drive to Austin and after three hours of canvassing the store, we found something we were comfortable paying an arm and a leg for.

History reared its ugly head recently when our new couch came in broken. Instead of just being able to swap out the broken piece, we learned the set we chose was discontinued, so we couldn’t just replace the broken loveseat. That weekend, we got back in the car, drove to Austin, canvassed the same furniture store and found a suitable replacement.

Well, guess what happened when that one came in? One of the recliners was broken! Talk about bad furniture karma. Lucky for us a technician was able to fix the issue and now we have full use of our second-choice couch. This couch had better survive our next move because if it doesn’t, I’m investing in bean bag chairs and calling it a day.

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