• July 25, 2016

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Catalog’s arrival means time for Houston quilt festival nearing

Yesterday I received the Houston International Quilt Festival catalog in the mail. It always arrives mid-July every year — as long as I registered the year before.

Be mindful of the heat when taking your dog out in the car

Having tinted windows on my truck, I forget how spoiled I am sometimes.

It seems my hometown really wasn’t so bad after all

When I was growing up, I wanted to live in so many other places in my life.

Music holds special place in my July 4th memories

I know there at least two important birthdays in the month of July. I turn 64 on July 3.

Take special care when shipping quilts

There are many occasions throughout the year that provide the necessity of mailing a quilt: Christmas, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, births, weddings, or entering a show.

Prepare your pets for noisy fireworks that come with July 4

This week I wanted to talk to y’all about how important it is to prepare your pets for the fireworks that are only a few short weeks away.

I finally had to face up to the ‘D-word’ — diet, that is

So, I’ve thus far been able to adjust my life to incorporate more water, mild-to- moderate exercise and home remodeling.

Taking time to thank a great teacher of mine

You’re going to think my calculator has malfunctioned but I have been involved in education in some form or fashion for about 51 years.

Quilt museum has exhibits to please every quilt lover

In November 2011, two friends, Karey Bresenhan and Nancy O’Bryant Puentes realized their dream.

Remodeling bedroom helps give my life a fresh outlook

In the past year, I’ve been making efforts to improve my life by making changes to my routine, my physical health, and my environment.

Community benefits from Lemonade Day in many ways

The only way to improve a cold glass of lemonade is to have a Lemonade Day.

Submitting IRS return online proved to be quite taxing

My daughter, Madie,, has urged me for years to submit my tax return online,

The world of quilting has really changed

Gone are the days when beginning quilters had to physically sign up for quilting classes at a quilt store or at an activities center, then weekly pack up their supplies and projects and go to that store or center where an instructor would conduct the class.

Dogs can be devastated by divorce, marital separations

Ever wondered what happens to fur kids when a marriage falls apart?

Hardest part of staying in shape is motivation

Several months ago, I wrote a Community Voices column about making changes to my life, improving my mental health by being more mindful of my physical well-being.

Quilters’ cruise sounds great, but it’s just not right for me

It’s the season. Spring break season, that is. For some reason, this time of year we are bombarded with cruise advertisements. I’ve been getting fliers in my mailbox for the past month and then there are those wonderful cruise ads on TV.

Ask before letting your dog approach others

Warmer weather is here, and that means more people will be out walking their dogs soon. One of my biggest pet peeves is dog walkers who allow their dogs to approach other dogs without permission.

Sharing some big-time pride in a small-town Texas upbringing

There’s been more than enough talk about politics over the past several weeks and there doesn’t seem to be anything new under the sun concerning that topic, at least for now. So, I’m shifting gears.

Rotary conclave calls for more collaboration

I was pleased to be asked a few weeks ago to sit in on a conclave of presidents and presidents-elect of the five Rotary Clubs whose membership gathers for their weekly meetings in Killeen, Harker Heights and Copperas Cove.

‘Forgotten’ pie at Thanksgiving gives life lesson

Today I experienced an embarrassing moment. Never mind, but it was a doozy. However, when I put it on the “Doozy” scale, it registers a 3.5, while my all-time total embarrassment is a solid 10, but with a great lesson.

Local woman plays big role in quilt project

In 2002, Don Beld from Redlands, Calif., started a grassroots project called Home of the Brave Quilt Project.

Taking a new approach to my New Year’s resolutions

It’s 2016 already?

Heading into 2016 with an attitude of thankfulness

As a freelance writer, I write this Community Voices column, which runs on the first Friday of each month.

Adopting a dog preferable to buying one at Christmas

In the dog world, Christmas is a time for puppies, lots and lots of puppies heading to new homes as presents for good girls and boys.