Seeing that my hometown of Throckmorton, Texas, has homecoming activities only every two years, I have to stop and figure out how long its been since graduation day in 1970.

I was never good in math, so simple equations scramble my brain.

The next homecoming has been scheduled for Nov. 2-4 and I’m sure I will stand corrected, but I believe this is number 48. I’m planning to attend the gala this year in my little town of 900.

I must admit that the Alumni Association pulls out the stops each year in planning a fun experience for all ages.

Lodging is mighty slim in town, so I contact a friend of mine who has a little two-bedroom house with all the amenities that’s located on the backside of his personal property.

The little nook is booked up this year, so I had to go elsewhere for sleeping quarters. The nicer hotels are in Abilene and Eastland but are too far away from the homecoming action.

My search landed me at the Regency Inn in Breckenridge, population 5,780 in the 2010 Census, which is only about 24 miles from Throckmorton and is conveniently located on my route to-and-from on Texas Highway 183.

As a new grandfather, there will be a plethora of opportunities to boast about our new grandson, Nathan Thomas Massey, at homecoming. That will be the best part!

In talking with my friend about lodging, he told me that there seemed to be a crisis brewing in that there would be no football game at the homecoming. What’s a homecoming without a football game besides a lost opportunity to talk about your new grandson born just two weeks ago and other minor details. This sounded serious to me.

One thing you have to understand is that the Throckmorton Greyhounds play 6-man football. That’s right 6 — man football, and there aren’t many teams around. A nearby team had volunteered to step in but sources say he said “no football because I don’t want my guys getting hurt.” What had set this off was the team that was meant to be the opposition at our homecoming game had forfeited its schedule for the season. What? How crazy is that?

In a recent letter from the Alumni Association, I learned that there would be a football game after all! I have no idea who this gracious team is, but we’re grateful. Just let us win!

The activities for Saturday morning begin with a parade and another chance to show off photos of the new grandson. A barbecue lunch will be served at noon, followed by the Ex-Students Association Business Meeting.

The business meeting, held in the high school auditorium, features the singing of the school song, introductions of the Alumnus of the Year and the Homecoming Queen. Not to be forgotten are former teachers, the person who traveled the greatest distance for homecoming and the oldest person in the crowd.

Of the 23 donning caps and gowns in our graduation photo, four have already passed leaving six guys and 13 gals. We only had three of our class turn out for the last homecoming.

After the business meeting, classes divide up and meet in various homes around town for fun times walking down memory lane. The day ends with a dance at the County Show Barn with music provided by a “live” band.

Will I make the trip again to homecoming two years from now?

A lot can happen in that amount of time, but I’ll have stored up some memories that I had forgotten by attending the one from 2018.

Bob Massey is a Herald correspondent.

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