One of my favorite things to do with my husband is make a bucket list of the experiences we want to share together. We have done everything from zip lining across the jungle to taking paper Valentine hearts to nursing home residents.

I’m sure it came as no surprise when I told him I wanted to make a fall bucket list for couples. The exciting thing is there’s a time limit. This, of course, provides a challenge.

I hope you join us in trying to check everything off our list this fall. Here are the ideas we came up with, but please feel free to add your own.

1. Make homemade apple cider. There are several recipes on the internet for this. I’ve never made my own cider so this will be a brand new experience.

2. Have a pumpkin carving contest. Buy two pumpkins. Each person carves one. Post a picture of both pumpkins on social media, but do not tell who carved which pumpkin. Have your friends vote on their favorite. The one with the least amount of votes has to plan a surprise date for the winner incorporating one of these bucket list ideas. This is a win-win!

3. Movie and Dinner night: Make homemade chili and a homemade apple or pumpkin pie.Watch a fall or Halloween movie. I know this may be silly, but I always like watching the children’s movies.

4. Get your pictures taken together just the two of you. Of course, you can have some pictures with the kids, but get at least one of just you as a couple. Hang it in your bedroom. Portrait Innovations in Harker Heights does a good job. They are inexpensive and you get the prints immediately.

5. Get pumpkin spiced lattes and walk around a store together. This is a good time to get a few Christmas presents so you are ahead this year.

6. Visit Lelands Cabins in Grandview. This is a huge outdoor showroom of prefab cabins about an hour and 45 minutes away. You can browse through all of their cabins while enjoying fresh coffee ground right there. They have great reviews and I’ve been wanting to visit and fall seems like the perfect time. Who knows, maybe we will some day get a cabin!

7. Have a backyard campfire complete with smores, hotdogs, stargazing and hot chocolate. Tell each other at least one story from your childhood.

8. Have dessert and coffee at Cracker Barrel and sit by their fireplace if it’s lit. I recommend the pumpkin custard. It has gingersnaps and it is amazing! Afterwards, browse through the gift shop.

I hope you have a beautiful fall season as you seek to connect with each other. When our marriage becomes more focused on fun and love, our marriage thrives and grows to the next level.

We do not have to spend a lot of money to make memories that will last our lifetime. May you and your spouse embrace this season and reconnect like never before. Until next time, cross things off your fall bucket list!

Kindra Warner is a marriage group facilitator at Grace Christian Center in Killeen and a Herald correspondent.

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