Last July, I discussed how financial strain can wreck havoc in marriage. I offered practical suggestions on budgeting and bank accounts.

This week I want you to look beyond trimming your budget and look at expanding it.

A new year is filled with new opportunities, but only if you seize them. Perhaps 2019 is the year you are supposed to start your own business as a couple. This can be a side business or a business one of you can run from home.

If you have a skills set, such as welding, carpentry or mechanical work, you can start there. For today, I want to focus on four ways anyone with no skills set can earn money. Most of these can be started today.

One of the most overlooked ways of earning money is garage sales. Since most cities allow you to have two a year, you have two chances to earn this year. In Harker Heights, you can also sell on the city yard sale day in October, giving you three chances.

The key is not in the items you have, it’s in the pricing and advertising for your sale.

At our first-ever garage sale in Harker Heights, we made $3,500. Our next was over $4,000. Our largest sale was $24,500 in Killeen.

In fact, I wrote a book based off that sale titled, “How We Made $24,500 in Three Days.” If you are interested in earning through yard sales, I recommend reading it. I cover everything from pricing to legal issues.

Another thing my husband and I do is consign with, “Just Between Friends” (JBF for short). This is a three-day sale happening twice a year per county.

They focus on selling anything children, maternity, or “for moms.” From clothes to games and books, they sell it all. We participate in the Bell County, Williamson County and Waco sale. This gives us 18 days per year to sell.

The good thing is they do all the advertising and selling. All you have to do is create an account on their website. You will create price tags through their website, print them and tag your items. Finally, just drop off your items. You do not have to stay.

They sell your items and pay you within two weeks. When the sale is over, all your items are grouped together so you just pick them up or donate if you choose.

With commission ranging from 60 to 75 percent, this is an excellent way to earn extra income fast. To get started, simply go to their website. There are also Facebook groups for each sale. This is an excellent place to ask questions or see what others are doing.

The next idea is selling through Craigslist or Facebook marketplace. We recently sold a car within six hours of posting it on Facebook and Craigslist. You can sell almost anything from cleaning services to tangible items.

Finally, don’t neglect brick and mortar stores. Gamestop is a good route for games and gaming systems, while Half-Priced books in Cedar Park will purchase your used books, games, and DVD’s from you on the spot.

This year resolve to increase your funds.

This is an exciting opportunity for you and your spouse to work together towards a common goal, increase your finances, and help provide a safeguard against divorce.

Until next time, start a business!

Kindra Warner is a marriage group facilitator at Grace Christian Center in Killeen and a Herald correspondent.

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