For those of you who know me, does the name “Pappy” fit my personality? Well, get used to it.

Come early November, a new Massey baby will be running around the house of my son and his wife.

How about that? All of you friends who are experienced grandparents, start shipping the manuals.

That statement comes from a post I placed on Facebook on April 27. It received about 80 responses. That’s exciting!

This will be the first baby for the parents-to-be and our first grandchild. Mom-to-be is about 12 weeks along and even though we’ve known for a while, we were sworn to secrecy lest we get in “big trouble.”

My son had this announcement well orchestrated. The parents of my wife, Dianne, were the first to get a personally delivered version of the news. That was followed by messages sent to family, but it didn’t become public knowledge until my son wrote a blog about it and released it to the world on Facebook on the evening of April 27.

My son is a great writer, so the blog was outstandingly clever while at the same time deeply meaningful.

This is quite a story because my son and daughter-in-law had recently gone through several months of training preparing them to adopt a child. They had been asked several times to be substitute parents while completing their training, so they got some excellent first-hand practice.

Time went by slowly as expected when you’re waiting for news about the possibility of becoming adoptive parents.

In the meantime, my daughter-in-law left my wife a gift. It was a set of pacifiers with a note attached that said, “You’ll need these in November.”

In awe, we asked if this was for real. It is true! Our son and daughter-in-law are expecting a baby! Let there be singing and dancing in the streets!

Quoting from my son’s 13th blog about their journey through the adoption process and the recent news of a child on the way:

“I honestly can’t believe how OK I am with all of this. Don’t get me wrong, a baby is terrifying, but this is the most emotionally invested I’ve been in anything since I met my wife. Seeing the ultrasound, hearing the heartbeat and realizing that we were about to bring one more short person (My son is about my height) into the world is nothing less than a miracle. I just have this feeling of contentment washing over me right now. Of course, that might be modified with the first diaper change when I get the aft phasers firing at my face.”

In response to the request in my FB post for manuals most of them have replied, “I guess the first line in pseudo manual states, “spoil them” then hand them back. You will love it.” Another one said, “Ain’t no manuals! You learn by the seat of your pants-with each kid.”

Others thought that the parents-to-be assigned name “Pappy” would work for me. Another said, “The kid will eventually name you.”

So the word is out and we no longer have to make up false statements or remain mute about the little Massey baby. It’s been difficult to keep it quiet but it’s been worth the wait.

This is great news for at least four grandparents I know and an aunt who cried when she learned of the upcoming event. She was also born in November about 31 years ago.

Kids! We love you and know that you will be awesome parents. While we await the thrilling day, our prayers will be for good health for momma and baby and sanity for dad.

Bob Massey is a Herald correspondent.

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