A couple of weeks ago, I spent three days helping my daughter, Callie, pack up her belongings in preparation to move to a new apartment in Grand Prairie.  

 The emphasis here is that I helped her pack items in boxes.  It’s part of an understanding that she, her mother and I have that we don’t lift and move the heavy stuff anymore.

At Dianne’s and my age, moving couches, chairs, beds up or down three flights of stairs is out of the question. We’ve made that crystal clear and I was proud of her this time around that I helped pack boxes and she hired guys to move the stuff made of heavy wood.

  I’m also proud of her that she landed a new job in the Arlington ISD.  She starts this fall as assistant director of a high school choir. She spent a year as an elementary music teacher and deeply missed her passion which is directing.

Her first teaching job was as a middle school choir director in the Grapevine-Colleyville ISD.  She stuck with that job for five years which caused major burnout and stress.  It was a good thing she took the year off with the little kids.

During that time, the absence of working with older kids consumed her heart and mind and she was determined to fulfill her dream.She tried several school districts in the Metroplex with Arlington becoming the match.  

This will be the first time she has ever worked as a high school assistant choir director. It’s a big leap but one she is excited about and ready to begin.  

My understanding is she will be directing two choirs and assisting the head choir director with coaching the kids in vocal performance and other tasks. She’ll also be recruiting new students into the choir program. She has known her new boss for about 15 years, and that’s a good thing.

She will live in Grand Prairie and will be blessed with a drive-time to school of about 10 minutes.  

What’s been neat to watch is how she’s matured and done so much of the logistics without our help.  She arranged for the movers of the furniture and the piano.  I’ll be driving the U-Haul truck from Killeen to her new apartment that is, by the way, on the first floor.  Glory, Halleujah!  

 One thing I haven’t mentioned is the quality time that she and I were able to spend while moving and packing boxes.

We have similar tastes in music, television shows and movies plus enjoy each other’s company.  I’m really am thankful for the relationship we’ve able to maintain over the years.

 We didn’t get a chance to attend any of those shows because our tired out meter was over the top.   

We both laid down to take a nap one afternoon about 2:30 p.m. and woke up that night at 7:30 p.m.  Nothing like waking up from a nap and the sun’s already gone down.

Her mom is really proud of this accomplishment of her taking care of the moving experience. It was mom’s time for a rest because she took charge of the last move and swore she could never do it again.  When you’re in the mid-60 range, those kind of activities have to come to and end.  

 In addition to the paid movers, there were friendships she had developed at Lake Dallas Baptist Church.  They asked her to join their praise team and the love story began.

You know people really love you when they help you move.

Callie is launching into a new career and we wish her the best.

She’s got the God-given talent to do the work.  This will be a brand new experience we feel like was meant for her.

We love you, Callie, and may all of your wishes come true.

Bob Massey is a Herald correspondent.

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