The internet. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I’d have to answer both.

I enjoy opening my email page every morning and seeing who’s reaching out to me. After going through the list and deleting all the advertising, I admit there’s not much left. When I get a message from a friend, I’m thrilled ... it makes my day.

After I check my email, I then log into my Facebook. I signed up for Facebook for the specific reason of being able to keep up with what was happening with my family. I have family in Wisconsin and Florida and Facebook keeps me informed when things happen.

I do lots of browsing on Facebook and occasionally “Like” something and I’ve even shared recipes if they looked really good. I don’t contribute much.

You won’t see where I’m having lunch or me telling you where we’ll be for a holiday. I’m pretty careful what, if anything, I post. Again, that good thing-bad thing dilemma.

There are so many resources for quilters on the internet, one can get lost for hours just browsing around. One site I only go to when I’m looking for something specific is Pinterest. Otherwise, I can spend hours on this site, getting deeper and deeper. Almost feels like Alice down the rabbit hole.

But if I’m looking for inspiration or ideas on how to quilt a certain quilt pattern, that’s my first choice.

Time is something I struggle with. There’s just so much to do, and spending time on the computer is something I can easily engross myself. I don’t follow the many quilter’s blogs available. I’m sure I’d learn a lot of new things if I did, but when I have clients’ quilt tops waiting to get quilted, I feel guilty if I’m not working on them.

Between clients’ quilts, I try to whittle down my huge pile of tops waiting for my attention.

One of my quilts I’ll be working on is my entry into the Crossroads To Texas Quilt Guild’s show in September. I’ve been working on this quilt on and off since 1999, and 2018 will finally be the year of completion!

When I went to Houston in November, I took a class from Ricky Timms. At the end of his class, he passed out postcards advertising This concept was developed by Alex Anderson and Ricky. This is a site for all quilters.

Some of the things on this site you can get for free, and other more in-depth videos and classes require a star membership. The card he passed out gave us a free membership for a month — although $49 for a year’s subscription is well worth the price.

This school is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and you can keep going back and watch any classes and programs you want.

They also send out newsletters several times a week. You can even find blogs from teachers and other professional quilters in the field.

Here’s the kicker for me: The time I spend reading and watching everything in each newsletter takes A LOT of time. I haven’t even taken the time to watch a program or class yet.

Maybe I’ll have more time after the holidays to really dive into this program and get hooked on a blogger or a certain quilter whose quilts I really admire.

So, is the internet a good thing, or a bad thing? My answer is still ... both!

Nancy C. JUDD is a Herald correspondent.

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