Christmas is just around the corner. One aspect of the holiday I dread is when I’m asked “What do you want for Christmas?” That question will start to come out any time now.

For family members, I have a pat answer since I am a voracious reader and own a Nook. However, lots of times I’d like to get surprised on Christmas morning.

So what would a quilter like to get for Christmas? Would you be surprised to find out that we’d like something quilted? Yes, quilted.

Just because we can quilt something ourselves, doesn’t mean a quilter wouldn’t love to receive a quilted gift that she didn’t have to make herself.

Last Christmas I made small wall hangings for the ladies in my Art Quilt Study Group. There are only five of us in the group, so it wasn’t that hard. All the wall hangings were the same pattern and fabric (so there was no chance of my friends comparing who got what). I made one for myself also.

My point is that they really were surprised at my gift and I’m sure they will enjoy displaying their gift from me for many years.

If you are not a quilter, you can still find a gift for the quilter on your list. The latest issue of Nancy’s Notions (no relation) arrived yesterday. She also has a website at

As I flipped the pages of the catalog, I found numerous items I would like. For instance, I’d love a package of rotary cutter blades. Or perhaps the little gizmo that sharpens the blades so I can use them longer.

There’s a small portable ironing board made of foam so that your fabric stays in place instead of slipping around. That would come in handy for workshops.

There’s a tiny vacuum cleaner that could be used both in the sewing studio and it would also clean your computer keyboard.

The catalog is full of kits and ideas for the holiday season to make for yourself or someone else. There are templates and rulers, and marking pens, and scissors of all kinds.

This catalog for me replaces the Sears Christmas catalog I drooled over as a child.

I would like to receive some pretty quilting thread. There’s a dragonfly wall hanging kit I’d love to make, but not have to buy it for myself.

If the quilter is a fan of music, or likes chickens, dogs, cars, bacon, etc., there is novelty fabric for just about anything you can think of.

Wouldn’t it be fun to give your quilter a yard or two of novelty fabric that is up her alley?

The catalog also has clothing patterns and fabric. So if you’re not sure about getting your quilter something quilt related but know she likes vests or slippers, you’re in luck because you can find it in this issue also.

What about a wonderful new iron? There are small irons and irons that have feet to elevate it over the board surface. Irons that are pointed on both sides and have no cord to deal with. Wouldn’t that be a great gift?

So how do you tell the person who’s asking you “What do you want for Christmas?” what you really want?

I plan on taking a marking pen and going through this catalog, and when they ask, I’m going to give it to them. How much easier can I make it for them, plus I’m pretty well assured to get something I’ll like.

Nancy C. JUDD is a Herald correspondent.

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