Spring is quilt show time in Texas. Our Guild’s newsletter had some listed, but for a complete list go to QuiltingHub.com (or just Google “quilt shows in Texas”).

They have lots of information for quilters such as a listing of Quilt Shops and any sales they might be having.

There is a list of Quilt Guilds and any Shop Hops that might be coming up. You can also add your Guild’s quilt show to let the world know you’re having an event.

Most quilters look forward to attending a quilt show. It provides a reason to get out of the house.

Usually we go with other quilter friends, so it’s a social event (complete with lunch), and provides an opportunity to spend some money at a variety of vendors and see all the new gadgets and fabrics on the market.

Going to a quilt show offers the opportunity to explore Texas. Driving to a city you’ve never been to (or even heard of) can be an interesting experience. But the best part of a show is the inspiration we get from viewing other quilters’ accomplishments.

A good mantra would be “If they can do it, I can do it.” I admit that I get overwhelmed when I attend the Houston International Quilt Show. The workmanship at this show is mind boggling and I return home exhausted and with a sense of defeat.

My mantra goes out the window and turns into “I’ll never be able to do that.” That used to bother me because I like a challenge and didn’t like the feeling that I was a failure in some way.

Then I turned it around and thought “They already did that, so why would I want to copy them?”

Sounds like a good excuse to me! But, honestly, viewing others’ quilts can be an uplifting experience. Even if you don’t care for the colors the quilt maker used but the pattern is outstanding, or the colors are great but the pattern isn’t to your liking, there’s something to learn from the quilts hanging in a show for your entertainment and education.

I have to admit that when I started on my long arm journey, my focus changed from fabric colors and patterns the quilt maker used to how the quilt was quilted.

The colors and patterns somehow didn’t mean as much to me, but the quilting provided the source of education.

Now I walk up to a quilt to see how it was quilted, then I step back and look at the quilt in its entirety. Again, the quilts in Houston provide a humbling experience. The quilting seems far superior than what I feel I’m able to do. But then the expression “practice, practice, practice” comes into play.

Those quilters in Houston didn’t start out quilting their masterpieces right away. They got that way from practicing. Unfortunately, practicing takes time, which is something most of us don’t have enough of.

Listed on QuiltingHub are the following Texas shows for the next two months:

March 3-4 at Cypress

March 10-12 at Dallas

March 24-25 at Tyler

April 7-8 at Arlington

April 28-29 at Gun Barrel City

Call a friend and plan a day trip.

Nancy C. JUDD is a Herald correspondent.

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