June means summertime is here. I remember being a child and each summer was an opportunity for adventures. I knew time was limited, yet the lazy days of sleeping in made me somehow feel summer would last forever. Each summer was a blank palette waiting to be painted with memories and stories to this day.

Recently I was reminiscing about my childhood summers when I began thinking how neat it would be to paint this summer with memories with my husband. I came up with a summer bucket list for married couples. We are going to do as many as we can and I hope you join us in the challenge.

1. Go stargazing in your backyard or out in the country.

2. Have a campfire with s’mores, stories and hot dogs.

3. Have a picnic at the lake. Bring a blanket and sit on the ground. Find a rock to take home with you to remind yourself of this day.

4. Go fishing. Don’t forget your fishing license!

5. Go on a hike somewhere you’ve never been before. Dana Peak Park has hiking paths as does Chalk Ridge Falls.

6. Eat ice cream cones outside. The messiness of the ice cream melting is part of the fun.

7. Rent a boat and have fun cruising the lake. BLORA rents them by the hour or day.

8. Carve your initials in a tree. Take a picture and have it printed. Frame it and hang it in your room.

9. Go to an arcade. Just the two of you. See who can win the most points or tickets then combine them and buy yourselves a treasure.

10. Have a garage sale. Declutter and make money! Use your money for number 18.

11. Build a fort. This can be out of blankets, boxes or wood. Afterwards, have dinner in it.

12. Do a DIY project together. Whatever you can think of. Paint a wall or build a deck.

13. Go swimming. Bonus points if you buy an inflatable or small pool and sit in it together in your backyard.

14. Watch a documentary together. When it’s over, spend some time discussing what you learned.

15. Go to a farmers market. Buy something and let the vendors know you appreciate them.

16. Read a book together. Write on the inside cover when you started reading it and when you finish.

17. Cook a meal together. Use your imagination and have fun.

18. Plan and book a vacation. Cruises let you make payments!

19. Be totally awesome parents for a day. With your spouse, plan how you can have fun for an entire day for your children. They may remember it forever.

20. Plan a talk date. Talk about what you want to do before this year ends. Then talk about the next five years and then 10 years.

Summertime memories don’t change because we grow up. The memories only get better. Have fun, friends, and until next time, spend time together!

Kindra Warner is a marriage group facilitator at Grace Christian Center in Killeen and a Herald correspondent.

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