By the time you read this, if you have time this close to Christmas to sit and read anything, most of the frenzy should be over with.

I’ve never been a last-minute shopper. I usually have a list of people on my gift list, and jotted beside their name is the gift I’m hoping to get them. I’ve been known to start my gift list late summer.

Now that I have a smartphone, I have an app that I can make notes of a possible gift while having a conversation with someone (or as soon as they are out of the room).

You know what I mean — you’re talking with someone after the family Thanksgiving meal and out of the blue they say “I’ve always wanted a pretty china teapot. My Mom would make tea for the family supper on cold nights and she had a pretty tea pot to serve it out of. It brings back fond childhood memories.

“Bingo! Out comes my phone and I note that this person on my gift list wants a china teapot. Check. So now I have the perfect gift for that person and I know they’ll love it.

What I don’t have a handle on during the holidays is the last-minute urge to make someone a gift. Buying something is easy,, but making something requires precious time.

This year I wanted to make the ladies in my quilting group something. I found a pretty pattern of a small wallhanging and purchased fabric to make five of them.

So in between quilting my clients’ quilts, I began to cut the pieces. It took me several afternoons to sew them together, and then got stumped for about a week while I tried to decide how to quilt them.

It had to be simple and fast. My deadline was Dec. 14 because that was when we were going out to lunch.

The ladies in my group were surprised by my quilted gift to say the least, because I’m usually the last person in the group to finish any project we’re working on, and also because I’m somewhat of a Grinch this time of year. But you know that feeling you get when you give something you’ve made and it surprises and delights the recipient.

Since I was on a roll, I decided to finish three panels depicting the Nativity scene. I had started them two years ago and each year before Christmas I’d try to finish them.

Well, this was the year. I worked on them last week and on Friday I took them to work and hung them on the big blank wall I have in my office. Boy, did they look good.

Now I’ve discovered that the table runner I thought I had cannot be found and I really need one for my coffee table so I can display my pillar candles.

I’m writing this on Dec. 17. I wonder if I can cut and piece a table runner tomorrow between shampooing my carpets and trimming the tree.

May all your seams be straight, all your points never get cut off, and all your stitches are small and even.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season and hope you get all your projects finished in 2017.

Nancy C. JUDD is a Herald correspondent.

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