November is the time for big meals, Christmas shopping and football games. But November is also a time to reflect on being thankful.

As I reflected this month on things I am thankful for, I realized I have failed to be thankful for who my husband is and what he does.

Sure, I tell him I love him and he is awesome. However, the essence of him, his heart and his continual wisdom, I have not fully embraced.

This month I have set forth a challenge to myself, and I hope you will join with me. The challenge is only 10 days long. Not because I only have 10 things to be thankful for but because I know how I am. If I make it too long, I will do it a few days and then fizzle out.

Every day, write a note and leave it where your spouse will find it. This may be their car, the bathroom mirror or on the coffee pot. You can personalize them to fit your specific thoughts and circumstances.

Here are my 10 challenges:

Day 1: “I am thankful for and I admire your (blank).” This day is for a character trait such as integrity or work ethic. This one is not about what they do but who they are.

Day 2: “I am thankful for and appreciate your diligence in (blank).” This blank is something they do. For example, keeping the car maintained or the finances in order.

Day 3: “I am thankful for and enjoy (blank).” On this day write, a physical trait such as eyes, the way they maintain their body, or any other physical characteristic.

Day 4: “I am thankful for and I appreciate your willingness to (blank).” Today’s affirmation addresses what your spouse does that they don’t enjoy such as help clean the house or work extra hours to help ends meet.

Day 5: “I am thankful for and respect (blank).” Anything you respect about your spouse can go here.

Day 6: “I am thankful and love when you (blank).” Today compliment your spouse on the way they treat you.

Day 7: “I am thankful for the way you (blank).” Today compliment your spouse on their role as a mother, father, wife, or husband.

Day 8: “I am thankful for the way you handled (blank).” On this day, write about how you are appreciative of the way your spouse handled a situation. Life is hard and when we do something well, it feels good to be noticed.

Day 9: “I am thankful for your ability to (blank).” Think about what they are able to do that makes your life easier. For example, make you feel safe, move heavy items, or cook well.

Day 10: “I am thankful for (blank).” Today is your choice. Write whatever comes to mind.

I am super excited to start my challenge. I’m not going to tell my husband what I am doing. I’m just going to do it! I hope you will commit to join me. Just pick a day to start in the month of November and go from there.

Until next time, let’s be thankful for our spouses.

Kindra Warner is a marriage group facilitator at Grace Christian Center in Killeen and a Herald correspondent.

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