Not long ago, in this column, I announced that my name would change to “Pappy” around the first week of November.

At least I’ll be “Pappy” to our first grandchild born to my son, Jonathan, and his wife, Amanda.

The continuation of this announcement is that I can officially tell you, it’s a BOY! The name Nathan Thomas Massey has a lofty ring, doesn’t it?

You’ve known expectant grandparents who’ve stood on the sidelines during the course of a pregnancy and publicly stirred up momentum for their preference.

Like cheerleaders at a sporting event, they’re leading yells such as “ Two, four, six, eight, who will we appreciate ... A BOY! “ or “Two pence, four pence, six pence, a dollar. All for a BOY stand up and holler!

How about this one? “Girls are the best there’s no doubt about it! When you’re up, you’re up and when you’re down, you’re down and when you mess with the best, get out of town. Go GIRLS!

Dianne and I had one of each. It definitely brought balance to our lives and admittedly lots of fun. The only preference we ever had is that they be healthy which is the same dream and prayer we have for this new little Massey child.

Without a biased bone in my body, I believe this boy will be handsome, smart, creative, and have an active sense of humor.

This will mean that he’ll be a mirror image of both parents in outstanding ways.

My daughter-in-law came up with a clever conclusion. “This boy will be short, round and need glasses,” she said.

Prior to the official announcement that his name would be Nathan, many shared their predictions. It reminded me of the day when my daughter, Callie, was born.

There was a particularly interested great-grandmother named Callie, the grandmother of Dianne, who knew it was going to be a girl because there was a namesake issue at play.

As the Kingston Trio sang about, I was the worried man singing a worried song because if it was a boy how was I going to announce to the crowd gathered in the waiting room that this baby’s name would not be Callie.

This was in 1986 and the doctor, who was a close friend of our family, allowed me to view the blessed event from afar in the delivery room.

The sweetest words I ever heard came from a nurse who announced, “It’s a girl.” All I could say was “Thank you, Jesus” and then walk bravely down the hallway not having to prepare myself to dodge the throwing of rocks or bottles.

I’m convinced that my son and daughter-in-law will be outstanding parents. They don’t know it yet, but they are in for the most exciting and blessed time of their lives.

They will be changed and it will be good because this is their dream coming true. It’s loaded with responsibilities but worth every single bit of energy that’s expended.

To Nathan, our sweet and first grandchild, we await your coming with much anticipation and joy!

From “Pappy” and “Mimi.”

Bob Massey is a Herald correspondent.

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