Happy New Year! Thank goodness the holidays are over and we can settle into our daily routines.

I’m not a big resolution maker, but I admit that I do come up with a couple of goals I’d like to accomplish for the year.

This year my first goal is to tackle is my sewing studio. In previous columns, I’ve briefly complained about what a disaster my studio is. I vowed to get it cleaned up and organized no matter what. I took vacation from my part-time job the last week of the year and told my husband to pretend that I was away on vacation (hint — I’m not cooking).

Getting started was the hardest part. I moved some project bags and boxes into my guest bedroom across the hall so I could slowly go through the items that were living on the floor.

I found all sorts of things that I didn’t need any more, and soon my trash can overflowed. Slowly I worked my way through all the things on the floor and soon discovered I needed more storage items.

After two trips to Wal-Mart for plastic stacking drawers and a trip to Sam’s for a large shelving unit, things were starting to look much better.

I got rid of a very old table that had been stacked two feet high with orphan blocks and bags of project leftovers. Once the table was cleared off, I took it to the curb and placed the new shelving unit in its place.

Next, I started on my bookshelf. I packed up all my Quilter’s Newsletter Magazines from the 1980s to present (just in case they become collector’s items since they aren’t being printed any longer). They went to my small storage unit.

Then I organized the three magazines I currently get into three-ring binders (that the QNL’s came out of). I didn’t purge any books, but since I had lots of space on my bookshelf from the removal of the QNL magazine binders, I could place them on the shelf instead of stacking them on the floor.

Next came the nine stacking cubes that are on the top of my bookshelf. Going through these cubes was like Christmas all over again. Each cube revealed things I had started but never finished, projects in bags waiting to get started, stacks of fabric tied together that seemed to go together, things I had purchased at the Houston International Quilt Show that I had forgotten about and items I had been looking for and couldn’t find.

Unfortunately, I’m still working in that room. I guess I underestimated the time it would take to get it done.

I’ve gotten good at deciding if I really need something or to let it go. It’s hard to let things go, but I’m trying to be realistic as to what I want to spend my time on and what is just taking up space and I’ll never either start or finish that project.

I know when I finally get it cleaned out and organized I’m going to be so proud of myself.

This project was much more time consuming than I anticipated, but that’s always the way it goes.

The finished result will be a sewing studio completely organized with all the things I need and purged of all the stuff I’ll never use or even miss when it’s gone.

Nancy JUDD is a Herald correspondent.

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