Scraps. I’m buried in scraps! I’ve been working in my sewing studio for over a year now, trying to get it cleaned out and organized.

During the holidays I took some time off from my part-time job and concentrated on working in my studio. I didn’t get as much accomplished as I hoped, but then, I never do.

I’m getting really close to completing this huge task but have noticed that I have several boxes that contain nothing but scraps.

When I was a new quilter, I kept every little bit of fabric, no matter how small it was. I soon discovered that these tiny bits of fabric served no purpose, and over the years, I’ve become more selective as to what I keep and what I toss. Yes, toss.

Maybe back in the pioneer era or Depression years nothing was thrown away. Tiny scraps were worked into quilt tops, no matter how small, because of the scarcity of fabric at the time.

Historically, quilts were made from scraps of clothing, household furnishings and the ever popular feed sacks and even tobacco sacks.

Fabric was hoarded and every little bit was used somehow. Today, we have fabric overload. There is such an abundance of every kind and color that the need to hoard scraps seems silly.

It’s much easier to cut and piece a quilt top from yardage than face the tedium of trying to find and use scraps in our quilt tops.

So, here I have this huge plastic tub full of scraps. (I combined all my boxes and baskets into one storage tub.) Keep in mind my scraps are larger than most. There are several bags with what was cut off and left over from a quilt project.

There are also orphan blocks that came from ... I don’t remember. I came across a stack of two-inch squares in shades of tan from some forgotten project. They might come in handy in some other top, there’s quite a stack of them.

So now I’m thinking that I should look into making some scrap quilts and try to use up some of my scraps. While I was in Houston at the International Quilt Festival last fall, I was contemplating the purchase of an AccuQuilt die fabric cutting system. I talked myself out of it, but then purchased my new Husqvarna sewing machine.

Now faced with all these scraps, I’m thinking one of these cutting systems would be perfect for cutting scraps for a quilt or two or more. I went to my computer and found the AccuQuilt web page and was inundated with all the different cutters available.

AccuQuilt is not the only manufacturer out there, but it’s the one I’ve been thinking about. Once I found their site and registered for a giveaway they were offering ... well, now I get several emails from them a day.

They do have a package deal I’m seriously considering but for some reason I keep procrastinating over my purchase. It’s a good deal and I don’t know what I’m stalling for.

When I mentioned my dilemma to my husband and the jewel that he is, he went to their site and ordered me the package that I was looking at for my birthday this month. He ordered it on Tuesday night and according to the shipping information, I should receive it by FedEx on Friday. So it’s time again to learn something new.

Nancy C. JUDD is a Herald correspondent.

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