Recently I was in a marriage class when the topic of marital intimacy was being discussed. As group members began to share their own struggles in this vital area of marriage, the importance of the marriage bedroom was introduced. It seems we tend to neglect this valuable room of our home. Our bedroom should be a special place where we are able to fully relax and spend time together as a married couple. Let’s look at a few ideas on romanticizing our bedroom and creating a place of refuge and relaxation.

Tip #1: Remove all clutter. Unfortunately our bedroom can become a catch-all for laundry and other clutter removing the “sanctuary” ambiance we are trying to create. This is not the place for crafts, computers, or other items that do not pertain to our marriage or relaxation. If you must have a computer in your room, place it in an armoire where you can close it.

Tip #2: Always make your bed. A made bed says that you care about this room and it’s reserved for love and rest. Making the bed truly takes two minutes, but is visually appealing and creates order. It also completes your room and makes it appear tidy.

Tip #3: Invest in new linens if you can. Recently, I was on a cruise for our 15-year anniversary. There were four fluffy, white pillows on the bed and a nice, crisp sheet set complete with a white, cozy down comforter. It was visually beautiful and comfortable! A new set of sheets and a new comforter set make all the difference in going from frumpy to fabulous. If you are able, invest in new bed pillows and throw pillows. Multiple pillows on a bed make us feel like we are staying in a luxurious hotel.

Tip #4: Add a lamp to your room with a soft-glow light bulb. Avoid bright bulbs in this room. It’s about soft lighting. Once it becomes dark outside, turn your lamps on in your room to create a welcoming and warm space for rest and romance. Candles will also add a romantic glow.

Tip #5: Make this room about you and your spouse. This means take out pictures of the children or grandchildren. There’s nothing stranger than looking up at Aunt Betty staring at you from the wall when you are trying to be intimate. Awkward, I know, but true. Pictures of you and your spouse are perfectly acceptable, though!

Tip #6: Make it smell lovely. Add a Scentsy warmer or candles with a fragrance you can both enjoy. Reserve this scent for your bedroom alone. I also love linen spray. After spraying my sheets with linen spray, I always feel so special cozying up in them.

Tip #7: Go to bed together. Never neglect the importance of this simple act! Refrain from using electronics in bed. Instead, use this time for pillow talk, cuddling and other enjoyable activities.

A few simple things can transform your bedroom from being “just a room” to a peaceful and romantic retreat both you and your spouse can enjoy. Until next time, happy romancing!

Kindra Warner is a marriage group facilitator at Grace Christian Center in Killeen and a Herald correspondent.

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