A common adage used by many military folks, particularly those who were veterans of a Korea assignment when trouble was afoot, was “someone’s in deep kimchi!”

If it’s true that excitement makes the heart beat faster, which increases circulation and makes one healthier, some Harker Heights, Killeen and Belton police officers and some Bell County deputies are more fit than usual after a May 24 incident, during which a Fort Hood soldier was found pas…

Historically, nearly all categories of crime increase during the hot summer months of June, July and August. This is borne out in FBI historical data.

Thefts continue to be a bane on the law-abiding citizenry of Central Texas in general and Harker Heights in particular. It is wholly unnecessary to point out that nobody likes a thief-even another thief. No thief wants to be stolen from.

We hear it, see it and read it in communications media nearly every day. The perpetrators of crime are sentenced to lengthy incarcerations for their crimes and possibly fined large sums as restitution.

By way of definition, cyber crimes are criminal offenses committed via the Internet or otherwise assisted by various forms of computer technology including online social networks.

A relatively new law in Texas requires hot-car death education for parents and daycare facilities. Additionally, Texas penal statute 22.10 (2013) already exists.

Domestic violence, or family violence as it is defined in the Texas Penal Code, has reached epidemic proportions not only in Texas, but nationally as well.

The have been a number of heated debates in various states throughout the nation on the subject of decriminalization of marijuana at the user level. Indeed, some states have legalized it despite the federal ban.

In the United States, a property crime occurs every 3 seconds. Even in light of there being more than 321.4 million living souls in the United States as of last July, a property crime every 3 seconds is still an alarming number in this category of crime.

A Harker Heights man was arrested Nov. 29 by Temple police on multiple outstanding arrest warrants and a new drug charge, according to Temple Police Department spokesman Christopher Wilcox.

A Harker Heights man was arrested by Heights police on a charge of burglary of a habitation after police caught him and another man leaving a home with a bag containing electronics.

Readers of the Killeen Daily Herald and the Harker Heights Herald weekly publication might remember the April 21 incident, during which a man was accused of exposing himself to a teenage girl as he sat in his car.

It took some time for police to complete the investigation into the Feb. 21 accident that claimed the life of a pedestrian, but the investigation came to fruition on April 28 with the arrest of Keevin Dashawn Byrd, 22, of Killeen.