Heights police continue to search for multiple suspects in the robberies of two Harker Heights convenience stores that occurred late Sunday night and early Monday morning.

The Leo Mark Convenience Store at 1000 Indian Trail was robbed at 10:40 p.m. by two males, one of whom displayed a black semi-automatic handgun during the robbery.

According to a Harker Heights police department news release, the men fled the area northbound on foot. They are believed to have gotten into a light-colored four-door sedan while fleeing.

Two employees of the convenience sustained minor injuries during the commission of the robbery.

The suspects were last seen in the 1000 block of Indian Trail Drive heading north. The robbers got away with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Police described the first suspect as a black male of slender build, wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt, black cap and dark pants. The second suspect in described as a male wearing a black hoodie sweatshirt with an unknown monogram on the front, black pants and dark-colored hat.

At 2 a.m. Monday, approximately three hours after the first robbery, the CEFCO at 926 Indian Trail was robbed at gunpoint by three males.

CEFCO is across the street from Leo Mart. No injuries were reported.

During the robbery, the trio demanded money and other items before fleeing.

The first suspect is described as a black male of slender build, wearing a white hoodie sweatshirt with designs, dark pants and a white mask covering his face. The second suspect is described as a male wearing a brown-hued jacket with a white T-shirt wrapped around his face and head, dark pants and a pink backpack. The third suspect is described as a male wearing all black, with a black hoodie sweatshirt with a monogram on the front, black pants and a white cloth concealing his facial features.

An undisclosed amount of money and other items were taken during the commission of this crime.

It is unclear at this point if these two robberies are related. The hairs on the back of my neck say they are. While I acknowledge the happenstance of coincidence, these two aggravated robberies have too much in common to be unrelated, from the timing and location of the crimes to the description of the suspects. When the police solve one of these crimes, they will solve the other. Not IF these crimes are solved, but when.

The sad fact, other than the victim’s trauma and losses, is that the identities of these less-than stellar fellers are known to others beside the perps themselves. There are those close to the robbers who are most likely aware of the crimes and may even share in the proceeds. They are as guilty as those who actually committed the crimes. This is known as abetting crime. There are still others who may have knowledge or suspicions about who may have committed these crimes.

Those who have knowledge of the identities of the men who committed these two crimes have an obligation to the citizens of Harker Heights and society at large to come forward with information.

Anyone who has pertinent information regarding either of these robberies and fails to do the right thing by aiding police fails not only their fellow citizens but also they fail themselves as decent human beings. We live in a society of common laws. Our safety and well-being is totally dependent on that precept.

Anyone having information about these or any other unsolved crimes is fervently urged to contact police with any additional information about the crimes or the identity of the perpetrators.

This can be done by contacting the Harker Heights Police Department investigations Division at 254-953-5400, or crime-stoppers at 1-800-729-TIPS (8477) or 254-526-8477. Crime stoppers pays cash for clues and callers may remain anonymous.

Do the right thing. Call.

John Vander WERFF is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement, with a decade in city and county law enforcement and 20 years with state police.

John Vander Werff is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement and a Copperas Cove resident.​

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