If it’s true that excitement makes the heart beat faster, which increases circulation and makes one healthier, some Harker Heights, Killeen and Belton police officers and some Bell County deputies are more fit than usual after a May 24 incident, during which a Fort Hood soldier was found passed out inside a vehicle in the 2000 block of Memory Lane.

According to information released by Heights police spokesman Roosevelt Wilson, police were dispatched to the 2000 block of Memory Lane regarding a man passed out inside a vehicle.

“Due to the apparent intoxication of the individual, Harker Heights Fire/EMS personnel were requested to check his condition,” according to a news release from the Harker Heights Police Department.

“The individual was taken into custody for the offense of public intoxication, placed into double-locked handcuffs and seat belted into the rear of a patrol vehicle to await transport.

At some point, the individual was able to slip the seatbelt and step through the handcuffs. He then defeated the locked prisoner screen and attempted to obtain the vehicle’s shotgun from its locked rack but managed to discharge the shotgun inside the patrol car.”

Heights police identified the man as Taylor Patterson, 23.

Post officials said Patterson is a specialist with the 615th Aviation Support battalion, 1st Air Cavalry Brigade.

According to the news release, after his escape from the patrol car, Patterson stole an ambulance, igniting a chase on Highway 190 toward Belton.

He then crashed the ambulance on U.S. 190 without involving any other vehicles or individuals. The subject was uninjured and taken into custody, transported to the Bell County Adult Detention Center with multiple charges pending, the release stated.

The investigation is ongoing with felony charges being evaluated, police said.

This one-man crime wave should keep the Bell County Courts busy for some time.

Evading arrest suspect

A Killeen man is in Bell County Jail after police said he fled police before hiding in a woman’s closet.

Ernesto Alvarez Jr., 25, of Killeen, was arraigned on a charge of evading arrest/detention in a vehicle.

According to an arrest affidavit, on May 23, Harker Heights Police were on patrol in the 1800 block of South Ann Boulevard when an officer observed a white Pontiac Grand Am traveling at 47 mph in a 30 mph zone.

Information derived from the affidavit indicated they tried to stop the vehicle by activating the patrol vehicle’s emergency lights but the driver refused to stop.

Police observed the vehicle accelerate in speed, drive through a school zone and pass several vehicles on the left. Police did not catch up with the vehicle until the officers saw it parked in the middle of Lark Drive, the affidavit said.

Police said it was then that witnesses saw the man park the vehicle in the middle of the street and run into a nearby trailer park. When officers investigated, they found the man hiding inside a woman’s house. The woman said the man was inside her house and she did not want him there, according to the affidavit.

Police said they entered the home and found Alvarez “hiding in a closet, sitting on top of a laundry basket filled with clothes. Officers also found the keys to the suspect vehicle inside the closet.”

According to the affidavit, police searched the vehicle and found several items with Alvarez’s name on them.

Police said Alvarez was booked into the Bell County Jail on May 24. They said Justice of the Peace Garland Potvin set Alvarez’ bail at $20,000.


Jilleen Nicole Delgado, 24 of Harker Heights was arraigned May 25 on a charge of possession of a controlled substance, 4 grams or more.

John Vander WERFF is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement, with a decade in city and county law enforcement and 20 years with state police.

John Vander Werff is a 30-year veteran of law enforcement and a Copperas Cove resident.​

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