Enthusiasts of Edgar Allan Poe can continue celebrating his 208th birthday with books by, and books about Poe from the Stewart C. Meyer Harker Heights Public Library.

He is a continual favorite of readers of all ages, and of authors writing for all age groups.

Poe inspires contemporary writers to create imagined pasts, such as Scott Gustafson’s “Eddie: The Lost Youth of Edgar Allan Poe,” which tells an illustrated tale of young Poe solving a mystery in which he seems to be the guilty party.

Poe also inspires writers to create imagined futures.

Young readers can follow the adventures of 12-year-old twins Edgar and Allan, two descendants of the famed writer, in Gordon McAlpine’s “The Tell-Tale Start,” “Once Upon A Midnight Eerie,” and “The Pet And The Pendulum.”

Best-selling authors write about the influence of Poe on their writing in “Mystery Writers Of America Presents In The Shadow Of The Master,” edited by Michael Connelly.

As an American writer, Poe helped create a literary voice distinct from that of Europe. “Classics Of American Literature,” by Arnold Weinstein includes three lectures on Poe.

“Detective Fiction From Victorian Sleuths To The Present,” by M. Lee Alexander explores the groundbreaking work of writers in the genre, beginning with Poe to current popular writers such as Nevada Barr and Jonathan Kellerman.

Laura Lippman involves her protagonist Tess Monaghan in a mystery revolving around a ritual that takes place yearly at the gravesite of Poe in “In A Strange City.”

Not only his life, but his writings inspire writers.

“Ashes On The Waves,” by Mary Lindsey is inspired by Poe’s “Annabel Lee,” includes Celtic mythological creatures, and takes place on the Maine coast.

The latest addition to the library catalog is “Edgar Allan Poe And The London Monster,” by Karen Lee Street.

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