• September 30, 2016

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A healthy breakfast on the go

“Eat your breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day!”
My Civic is getting old, but we're still hanging out

My car turned 15 years old this week.

It's fall whenever my wife starts decorating for it

According to the calendar, fall starts in 13 days.

Proud to pass the torch to young reporters

Next week, I’ll celebrate 37 years at the Killeen Daily Herald.

Our house has been hosting Critter Fest

It’s been a summer full of critters at the Miller household.

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Water safety key when weather is predictable -- and unpredictable

While in college, I had a roommate from St. Louis who described Texas weather as “not able to make up its mind,” or capricious.

Ciizens Police Academy was an experience

About five years ago, I had a friend who raved about her participation in the Jacksonville, Texas, Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy.

Traffic laws should be driving force for motorists

Last week I noticed a photo circulating on my social media feed of Mount Enterprise High School’s baseball team, coaches and school bus pulled over to the side of the road during a Shelby County constable’s funeral procession.

We need to take proactive stance against bullying

During middle school I became the target. Frizzy hair, braces and glasses that took up half my face — before thinner black-rimmed frames became cool — were all part of who I was.

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It’s important to keep quilting alive for next generation

I have a friend who keeps telling me that she thinks quilting is declining. But when you go to quilt shows, and particularly to the Houston International Quilt Show, I find that hard to believe.

We can help pets adjust to back-to-school schedules

Back to school means early mornings, fundraisers, events, sports and community sickness to name just a few of our “favorite” things.

Remember acronym HEART when talking with spouse

Marriage can be heaven on Earth. Yet it also brings challenges.

Dedicated people make our community work well

It’s personally refreshing to be surrounded by co-workers, friends, and acquaintances who work hard, dedicate themselves to quality, making sure the customer is satisfied and take seriously the importance of being kind and assisting those who need help.

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