Harker Heights' C.J. Bobbitt drives to the basket against Belton.

School’s out, but for Harker Heights senior C.J. Bobbitt, there is no time to rest.

Bobbitt has been playing for the Texas D1 Ambassadors-Carlton traveling team.

Last season, Bobbitt was a District 8-5A all-district first team selection after helping the Knights win the district title and making it to the Class 5A Sweet 16 before falling to No. 2 DeSoto.

The Ambassadors have competed in tournaments in seven states.

Bobbitt talked with Albert Alvarado about summer basketball and competing for the Ambassadors.

How long of a break did you take from basketball after the playoff loss to DeSoto?

I didn’t rest that long, I’d say about two weeks of time off to recover from the postseason. I was real antsy about getting back out there and play after we lost to DeSoto. I was still real sick. I couldn’t go back to school the next two days. I was trying to get my wind back and get back where I was at before.

What made you want to play for the Ambassadors?

I was playing for a Nike team for the past two years. It was good exposure, but now on the Ambassadors, I’m on the main court every time we play. It’s pretty much all eyes on my team and me. It’s a lot more exposure.

How different is it to compete for a club team and Heights?

With pretty much any AAU team, we don’t really go over plays or anything. We just go out there. We have so many good players and it’s organized, but it’s not organized. We don’t have a lot of plays or anything, and we don’t work on defense either. In high school, we have set days where we go over just one thing. Tuesdays and Thursdays are straight defense and then Mondays and Wednesdays are straight offense.

Your father Celneque is your high school coach. Does he still critique your club team play?

He coaches me all the way to the house. He’ll coach me to my sleep. There’s no time off. He’s always a coach.

What’s it like playing with Rashard Odomes and Malik Malone?

It doesn’t really bother me to play with them, and it’s also helping me out on the court. I kind of get to see their tendencies and what they’re doing, so it helps me when district comes around.

What’s been the best tournament or venue you’ve played in as a member of the Ambassadors?

When we went to Florida. Playing in front of Jerry Stackhouse was a really good experience.

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