Davon Clare has to pick his spots at times coming off the Harker Heights bench. But the 6-foot-3 Clare often makes the most of his minutes like he did in the district opener against Ellison. In a hostile environment on the road, Clare hit both of his shots, including a nice up and under layup and a contested pull-up jumper on the baseline. Clare is hoping to contribute even more as the season goes on and the Knights try to bring home a district title

Have you always lived in Harker Heights?

I went to Kentucky and then I came back.

When was that?

2006. I was in intermediate school.

What part of Kentucky were you in?


And how long were you there?

Two years.

How was that?

(Basketball) was easier than down here.

Were you in Harker Heights when you were here before?

I lived over on Fort Hood.

How long have you been playing with these guys?

Two years. I’ve been on varsity one.

What’s it like being on varsity with all these seniors?

It’s good. I’m getting better working with them.

It seems like when you get in the game you’re a pretty high-percentage shooter. What kind of mentality do you have out there?

I just don’t shoot a lot. I need to be more aggressive.

What was the district opener against Ellison like with all of the atmosphere at Ellison gymnasium?

It was hard to play because the crowd was mostly into it.

And what is it like playing these Killeen ISD teams as you’ve had two to start now?

It’s pretty good. Some are harder than others.

How is the atmosphere in these games different from the rest?

There’s more crowd there, and people are talking to you.

What do you feel like your role on the team is?

To score whenever it’s needed.

How would you describe your game?

(Laughing) I need to work on it .

What are your strengths?

Shooting and driving.

So, what parts are you trying to improve?

Being more aggressive and dribbling on the block.

So, do you consider yourself a guard or a forward?

Either one.

What are your goals for this season?

Be more aggressive and shoot more.

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