In her second varsity season, Harker Heights senior Jada Evans has emerged as a key contributor on both ends of the floor. This is no coincidence, however. Heights coach Shirretha Nelson pinpointed Evans as a player primed for a bigger role. Evans has lived up to expectations thus far, and will look to continue when Heights hosts Killeen today.

How long have you been playing basketball?

Since I was little. I’ve just been always playing basketball (and) watching my parents.

They used to play?

Yeah, they played a little bit … it was like at the rec center where they have those teams.

Have you ever played against your parents?


Really? Why not?

I don’t know. When they were playing I was little, so I was just watching.

Do you think you can take them now?

Now? Of course.

Coming into this year you were one of the players coach Shirretha Nelson was really hoping would step up. What was she telling you coming into the season about your role?

Basically being one of the players on the floor that teams would want to guard, and scoring, getting rebounds, being one of the dependent players.

Was that a lot different for you to be a scorer?

A little but not really, because I’ve struggled scoring, but I find ways to put the ball in the basket.

Where do you feel like the team is at this point in the season?

I think we’re doing great. We’re 8-3 now, so I feel like we’re actually working as a team, and we’re pulling through, working hard to finish.

After winning two district games last year, Tuesday against Belton when you’re trailing basically the entire game was there any doubt starting to creep into your mind?

No. I felt like we were going to win this game, we were going to pull through it and we’re just going to clear our heads and then just finish.

So, after last year, how does it feel to start district with a win this year?

It feels great. We feel like we can take everybody in Killeen.

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