Harker Heights junior Patrovick Everett is often the Knights’ first player off the bench and has even started at times this season. His unique role for Heights, now No. 15 in the TABC Class 5A poll, has earned him the title of “starter off the bench.” Everett embraces that role and his nightly duties as one of Heights’ best rebounders, and the 6-foot-4 junior hopes he can say he contributed to a special team once the season wraps up.

How long have you been playing varsity?

I’ve been playing varsity for two years.

What’s that like playing as a sophomore?

You don’t get as much playing time, but you get the experience and you get to push yourself more to be better.

You guys have a lot of big bodies, what’s it like in practice, going against guys like 6-foot-6 junior CJ Bobbitt and 6-foot-8 senior Roderick Taylor everyday?

I’ve just got to stay strong and just keep pushing. Those guys, they push me and I push them just as hard.

Who do you usually end up guarding in practice?

“Colorado,” that’s my man.

“Colorado” is Taylor? Why do you call him “Colorado?”

That’s where he’s from.

Who would you say is the toughest to guard in practice?

The toughest to guard? CJ. He knows how to move his body and get to the basket very well.

What is it like not knowing on a given night how many minutes you’re going to play?

It’s just basically (based) off who’s going to score, and then whenever you get the chance to get in you’ve just got to do what you’ve got to do.

Do you usually roll with the same unit or how does that work chemistry-wise?

I usually come in as the sixth man. I stay with the energy of the first group, and if the second group ever gets a chance to go in I’m still there, so I’m going to keep pushing them.

So, what does it mean to be a starter off the bench?

I just keep up with the first guys — just keep running, everything’s flowing — then the second group comes in, and I just keep it going.

What is it like to be playing on a team with three Division-I signees and big expectations?

It’s very great. You’ve got to work hard in practice, you can’t take any breaks — no slacking or anything, just everything 100 percent.

How would you describe your game?

I need development, I’m not very consistent, but all in all, it’s there. I’m mostly a rebounder.

What makes you a good rebounder?

Mostly just timing and knowing where the ball is going to land.

Where do you feel like the team is?

I feel like we have more work. We’ve got a (long way) to go. I feel like this year is a big year for us.

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