Where do I start?

It seems like yesterday I was writing a similar introductory column for the Midland Reporter-Telegram, where I spent the last two years covering Midland Lee football and county boys basketball and baseball.

This week marks the start of my new job, covering Harker Heights, Ellison and Salado for the Killeen Daily Herald.

This is an admittedly tough time to leave the Permian Basin, where Friday nights feel special as you may have read or watched in the book turned movie “Friday Night Lights.”

That said, having been born and raised in Dallas — where I first covered high school sports as an intern for the Dallas Morning News — I can also attest to the fact that Friday nights anywhere in Texas seem to have a special feel. I expect the Killeen area to be no different.

Of course, as a University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill graduate, I also enjoy great hoops, and it seems I’ll get to cover my fair share of that here as well.

Overall, I’m excited to experience a part of Texas that I’m admittedly less familiar with than any of my previous stops.

I got to cover the teams I grew up watching at the Morning News, and my father was raised in Abilene, so I was familiar with life in West Texas to a certain degree before arriving in Midland.

Killeen is different, and I look forward to getting to know the city, its teams and coaches.

So, as I prepare for my first Friday night in Central Texas, the only certainty is that I will do my absolute best to give each of your teams the best coverage possible, just as I did in Midland.

Hopefully, that will measure up to the standard to which you’ve become accustomed, if not exceed it.

Now, with that said, I’m ready to get started.

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