Random musings as the list of local sports topics is wearing thin:

None of the Knight or Lady Knight track and field teams were able to bring home a state title last weekend against a stiff field in Austin. However, that certainly doesn’t overshadow what both accomplished this season.

The two nearly swept the District 8-5A titles as the Lady Knights repeated and the Knights came within seven points of beating out district champion Temple.

The Lady Knight 4x100 relay was one of the best in the state as evidenced by its times and the fact that they were able to reach state while running in perhaps the strongest region in the state. The same can be said of the Knight 4x400 relay.

And Darius Mitchell certainly lived up to the hype in his primary event, the 200-meter dash.

His race at the state meet was the first time, indoor or outdoor, that the University of Texas-El Paso signee lost a 200-meter dash this season.

Looking back at the athletic year for the Knights and Lady Knights, the two track and field teams ought to be among the first mentioned as elite.

On that note, now is a great time to reflect on the Knight teams and athletes that will likely garner consideration for Athlete of the Year when 2014 winds down.

Earlier this year, I speculated on who might have a shot after Heights went without a nominee in 2013.

In 2014, however, having no nominee seems unlikely.

Heights has already earned two MVP honors in boys basketball and swimming.

Hence, Cameron and Josh DeLaney and Matt Sluss ought to have a good shot at being nominated. But that is just speculation on my part.

Ultimately, the staff collectively decides on the nominees with what I’d say is easily the highest standard of any team we select all season.

We can check back in December to see if my second attempt to pinpoint a Heights nominee was a good one.

For fans, spring football practice can be a bit of a tease, but as a beat reporter, I love it.

Seeing a team in the embryonic stage of what it will look like in the fall is always interesting and seeing an emphasis on the fundamentals is a nice reminder of what wins championships in the fall.

Competition at positions, and seeing players develop as a result of that competition, is always fun to watch as well.

The truth of the matter is that applies to any sport, and perhaps checking out a preseason practice for every sport is worthwhile.

But right now, the focus is on the gridiron and I’d watch everyday if I had the time.

Finally, I missed an opportunity to weigh in on the Donald Sterling controversy shortly after he was banned by NBA commissioner Adam Silver, and this is the first and last time I’ll reference the soon-to-be-exiled Los Angeles Clippers owner in print.

Silver is in the process of moving to have Sterling eradicated as owner, a process which Sterling is expected to drag out.

In the meantime, since he is no longer allowed his front-row seat at Clippers’ games, Sterling is continuing to hog the spotlight by conducting outrageous interviews like the one he did with Anderson Cooper of CNN.

I haven’t watched the interview and don’t plan to do so.

At this point, the attention is all Sterling has left besides his net worth. But considering the way he is clinging to the limelight I’d say that matters to him a great deal.

That is why I won’t be giving it to him, and I hope the national media follows suit.

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