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Senior Kyle Key has been one of the anchors on the Harker Heights offensive line, starting the last two seasons at left tackle. But prior to his varsity career, Key had spent his entire life playing on the opposite side of the ball as a defensive lineman. Yet Key is enjoying life on the offensive side of the ball as the Knights prepare to open district play against Belton at 7:30 p.m. today.

How long have you been playing football?

I’ve been playing football since I was ever able to play. I played pee wee football all the way from the Boys & Girls Club, and I’ve played it every year since.

What’s that like coming in starting at left tackle your first year on varsity?

I know I had to step my game up because it was a big job to fill, but I knew I could do it. (Co-offensive coordinator Robert) Hagey coached me up, and he worked us out, and our O-line’s looking good this year so far.

Was (the move to offense) a need-based move?

Coach Hagey saw talent and what I could do, so he thought it would fit my position more at left tackle.

What is it like going from your job, which is basically to get to the ballcarrier and now your job is to protect him or block for him?

It’s a big difference, but it’s sort of the same ordeal, you’ve just got to go up there and knock some heads.

Is the (technique) a lot different?

It is. Left tackle, you’ve got to use your feet a lot more, and then on defense it’s more about your hands.

How long did it take you to get adjusted?

It didn’t take too long. I worked a lot of it during spring football, and coach Hagey was always coaching me up and teaching me how to do it, so I became pretty good at it.

Do you enjoy the offensive side of it?

I like offense, I like being able to be the one to put up points and being able to count on my other teammates to put up points.

How do you feel like the offense is coming along at this point?

We’re doing really good. The (first two) games we put up more than 30 points, and that’s just from working hard and doing our job.

Does a pancake feel as good as a sack to you?

You get the same entertainment out of it, you get the same feeling, so they both make me feel pretty good.

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