Heights at Midway

Harker Heights' Damaria Moon tries to elude the grasp of Waco Midway defensive back Zach Moore on Tuesday at Panther Stadium in Hewitt.

Harker Heights no longer controls its fate, needing help from Temple to reach the postseason for the second consecutive year.

The Knights aren’t focusing on playoff scenarios or even the team that will line up across from them tonight in Copperas Cove.

With its season on the line, Heights is focusing on itself.

“We’re going to take care of ourselves,” Heights coach Jerry Edwards said. “We’re going to play Knight football.”

After dropping three straight games to fall to 2-4 in district play, Heights is excited to still have an opportunity to play in the postseason.

It is an opportunity the Knights don’t want to waste.

“For there to just even be a chance for us to be making the playoffs right now in the predicament that we’re in, it’s just a very uplifting thing,” junior quarterback Troy Smith said. “So, we’ve got to go in there and finish and show up and do our jobs.”

What else has encouraged the Knights is they have been able to hang tough in each of their last three losses, which came to the top three teams in District 8-5A in Waco Midway, Temple and Shoemaker.

While containing each of those teams offensively was quite the task -- Heights allowed 40-plus points in each of the losses -- the Knights also feel that the gauntlet of potent offenses has prepared them well for one that is just as elite in Cove.

“We’ve seen the three most explosive offenses in the district, so we’ve faced it,” Edwards said. “We’ve been good on defense at times, and we’ve had a short field that we’ve had to work against at times, so I think it’s prepared us well for this game.”

Edwards said containing Cove senior receiver Phillip Baptiste -- who passed Charles Tillman earlier this season for the best receiving season in school history -- will be important, but he and Smith agree that the key for the Knights won’t be found in X’s and O’s.

“Everybody has to finish,” Smith said. “We have to come together as a team mentally and physically and make everything happen.”

The team has already taken that mantra to heart after a speech by Edwards leading up to the Midway game telling the underclassmen to play for the seniors.

“Mostly what I like about the seniors here, even though the coaches made a main point of (focusing on) the seniors, the seniors came together as a team, and they said we’ve got to do this as a team and come together and play as a team,” Smith said.

With a playoff berth hanging in the balance, Edwards said his team is ready to leave everything on the Hood Stadium field today, the same field the Knights opened the season on in August.

“We’re going to honor the men and women of the armed forces, and we’re going to go out there and we’re going to play our hearts out,” Edwards said.

And after all the ups and downs of a roller coaster season, which included Edwards’ hire on the eve of the season and an 0-4 start, the Knights are happy to have a shot at the postseason and eager to come out with a win.

“I told our kids we’ve played the three best teams, we were able to hang with them,” Edwards said, “one more win and we can go (to the playoffs).”

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and finally the most important thing Mr. Edwards needs to do is
NOT QUIT (in game) if Heights gets down two scores.

He quit in Cedar Park game. He quit in the Shoemaker game. He quit in the Temple game. And he quit in the Midway game.

If he quits again tonight, then Tuesday morning he needs to go down to the KISD administration building on WS Yound Drive and QUIT for the final time by resigning.


He needs to keep the players fresh by playing 2s with 1s during the game.
He needs to stop short kicking kickoffs.
The kicker has a leg, let him put it deep and pin the Dawgs deep.
He needs to make the Dawgs go 75-80 yards for scores, not 40 or 50.
He needs to us misdirection plays.
He needs to go for it on 4th and 1 on Cove side of the 50.


He needs to change his defense up.
He can't play a passive zone with DBs 10 yards off the line.
He needs to press the WRs. disrupt their routes.
He needs to call a blitz or two.
He needs to pressure Cove's QB.
He needs to be unafraid the throw the ball on FIRST DOWN!.
He needs to roll Troy out and give hima run/pass option.
He needs to send more than TWO receiver out in a pass pattern.


The Knights has a real shot here.
Of course the kids have to go all out and leave it on the field to make that happen.
The same goes for the coaching staff.
Mr. Edwards needs to go all out and leave it all on the field.
He needs to make in-game adjustements.
He needs to properly manage the clock at the end of both halves and at the end of quarters.
He needs to avoid needless timeouts because he doesn't know what play he wants to run next.


Then why don't you go and get a teaching and coaching degree if you think you can do it better. Instead of yapping, why don't you encourage your community leaders instead of putting them down. I think Harker Heights Head Coach did a great job with his football team.
Be leader and show these children a different way. You don't like it, then why don't you take your kid out of the district and go somewhere else, you are definitely bringing morale down, GROW UP!!!!!!!!!

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