In her second season of varsity basketball, Brianna McGee has become a regular contributor as a starter in the Lady Knight backcourt. Even better, Heights has already shown significant improvement from its two-win campaign in district play last season. With the second half of the District 8-5A season looming, McGee and the Lady Knights are hoping to finish strong.

How’d you get into basketball?

It started when I was like five years old with my dad, and we were practicing and back then they had signups at school.

What made you start practicing with your dad?

He was the only one who really believed in me. Like nobody else was around, it was basically him. And then when we moved out here, he would be the one who I would call and ask for advice.

When’d you move (to Harker Heights)?

When I was in seventh grade.

Where were you before Harker Heights?

Fort Worth.

What made you move out here?

My mom got married (to a military husband).

Do you still call your dad for advice?


What kind of advice does he give you these days?

Now, it’s basically (that) you’ve got to believe in yourself when nobody else does.

What was last year, your first year on varsity, like?

It’s not like it is now, because now I’m doing more than what I was doing last year — like scoring more.

Do you feel like last year was an adjustment period?

I think it was. Now that I’m more in it, it’s like I have to help out now.

Has the game slowed down for you this year?

I think it’s more of we’re coming together. Now, nobody’s really having those problems, it’s more “we have to stick together if we want to do this.”

How would you describe your role on the team?

I think it’s better than it was last year because last year I couldn’t really tell you something I did all the time. But this year I’m getting more in the books, getting more assists and getting more shots in.

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