Harker Heights sophomore Chyna Otis was good in her first varsity season last year but not great. This year, however, Otis is approaching that territory after proving she belongs with the best at the Texas Relays. Otis finished seventh in the shot put and 13th in the discus and has only gotten better as the season has progressed. Now, with a school record to her name, Otis hopes to prove herself at the District 8-5A meet today and Saturday at Midway High School in Hewitt.

How do you feel like you did at Texas Relays?

It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was with the competition.

Why did you think it was going to be bad?

Because everybody’s older than me, so I thought they were going to really outthrow me. But it wasn’t that bad.

What was the environment like at your first Texas Relays?

It was good. There were nice people around. They were all friendly.

Were you nervous?


How did it feel to do as well as you did?

It felt good. Everybody was proud of me for making it that far, so they were like, “just go out there and do your best. You’re your own competition.”

What was last year like on varsity a year removed from junior high?

I could throw last year, but I wasn’t as good as I am now. I wasn’t throwing well last year. But this year I came back and I was like, “I want to break the records, I want to have my name on the board.” So, I have to make it happen.

In which event have you improved the most?

I can say both. Last year, I threw a 37 in shot put, and this year I threw a 43. I was throwing like 110 last year, and I threw a 128 at Texas Relays in the discus. So, pretty much in both areas, I’ve improved.

How were you able to make such an improvement?

I guess my technique got better.

How is your sophomore season going compared to your expectations?

It’s pretty good. I didn’t think I was going to make it this far with the records. When (head coach Michelle Womack) told me she was going to enter me in Texas Relays I didn’t think I was going to make it. But I’m trying to break my records again at district and make it past area. And I want to go to regionals this year and maybe state in the shot put.

Do you feel like you didn’t have those kind of expectations last year?

I did, but my technique wasn’t as good as it is (now), so I couldn’t get as far.

How is this year different for you with better technique?

I can see it in my throws. My goal last year was a 40, but I never got it. But this year when I got past it I was like, “oh, I’m getting better.” Then I threw the discus and I broke the record. I broke the record at Knights Relays for discus the first time. From there I had to just keep going up.

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