“It is in the nature of all passionate and uncontrolled emotion to prey upon and weaken the forces of reflective power, as much as it is in the nature of controlled emotion to strengthen them.”

— Elizabeth Stuart Phelps, “The True Story of Guenever”

It’s within their grasp.

Imagine walking down the street when you notice a flutter of green ahead of you on the ground.

“A dollar?”

You’re not in desperate need of money, but it’s a dollar, and who couldn’t use a little extra padding in their wallets? After looking around to see if anybody may have recently dropped the dollar, you realize you’re all alone.

So, you reach toward the ground to pick it up — you can almost feel the textured green paper between your thumb and forefinger — when a gust of wind blows it about 10 feet in front of you. Embarrassed, you look around again to see if anybody is playing a trick on you.

Nope. No one.

Now this just became a challenge. You continue up the street those 10 feet, this time stepping on the dollar to keep it in place as you bend over and pick it up. But just as you’re admiring your green-backed prize, another gust of wind blows by, stripping you of the dollar once again.

The Harker Heights baseball team has found itself in a similar situation with regard to its postseason future entering tonight’s District 8-5A finale against Copperas Cove.

Things couldn’t be simpler for the Knights (12-13, 6-7 8-5A).

If the Knights can avenge a first-round upset against Cove, dropping a 5-2 decision on the road, they can at least force a play-in series Saturday for those final two spots.

Lose and they’re not exactly out of it — at least not if they have a little help. Depending on what happens in the Ellison-Shoemaker game, the Knights might get a second chance even with a loss. Entering today, the Grey Wolves sit precariously in third place at 7-6 in district play — one game up on both Heights and Ellison, which are locked in a tie for fourth.

If Ellison wins too, it throws the bottom half of the standings into a three-way tie at 7-7.

In that situation, Heights has a distinct advantage because it would play the loser of a 1 p.m. game between the Eagles and Grey Wolves for the final playoff spot at 4 p.m.

Through all the head-scratching errors, mind-numbing walks and missed opportunities, the Knights still have a great chance to make the playoffs for the first time since 2010.

On the flip side, this year’s Knights have lost six of their last eight entering tonight’s finale.

Yet, in spite of some blustery conditions this season, that little dollar bill is still there for the taking.

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