Harker Heights quarterback Troy Smith.

Troy Smith is a two-year starter under center for Harker Heights and is also one of the best athletes on the squad. Against Shoemaker last week, the junior showed his versatility by accumulating 292 yards of total offense, including a 42-yard catch. He also rushed and passed for a touchdown. Now, Smith is ready to do whatever it takes to help his team finish the season strong.

Have you ever played any position besides quarterback?

Yeah, safety and wide receiver.

Was (Shoemaker) the first game that you had a catch in?

Yeah, so far.

You and (Masnari Howell) were open on the play, (a reverse pass). Were you thinking it was going to come to you?

Yeah, that was the design, so yeah.

It didn’t look like an easy catch. What were you thinking when the ball was in the air?

I was waiting for it to come down. It was high, but I was just ready to catch it.

On a scale of 1 to 10 how hard was it to catch it?

I’d say it was about a two.

You also had a 60-yard run (for a touchdown), you had a passing touchdown; have you ever been that versatile in a game?

Not really, but when the time calls for it, somebody has to step up.

What do you feel like your strengths are as a quarterback?

My major strength I say would be a mental strength, and that’s just to keep my composure, and help my team keep their composure, too.

How would you describe yourself as a quarterback?

OW — offensive weapon.

What’s your height and weight?

Right now, I’d say 5-11, 180.

You don’t look 180.

That’s all (my) thighs.

What do you squat?

Right now? 450. But the most I’ve ever squatted is 505.

You’ve just always had strong legs?

Yeah, it just kicked in after middle school.

Do you feel like that makes it harder for guys to bring you down?

Yeah, and (with) endurance whenever I’m running the ball too.

You guys have Temple, (Waco) Midway and (Copperas) Cove to end the season. How are you guys feeling as a team right now?

It’s going to be tough, but we’ve all got to come together as a whole group and mentally prepare ourselves for the task at hand.

You were starting at quarterback last year as a sophomore. What was that like?

It was new, but I had to learn everything, learn the speed of the game and by then I just tried to do what the coaches and staff told me to do and run behind my offensive line.

How different is it now that you have a year of experience under your belt?

The experience part is the best part: knowing exactly how fast the game is and getting better as a player mentally and physically.

What are your goals to finish out the season?

Try to win all three games and make it to the playoffs, keep my team in line. (I want) everybody to come together as a team and play as a team, that’s about it.

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